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Information Technology Management

Information technology management (ITM) continues to evolve at breathtaking speed. Advances in information technology (IT) have profound effects on how firms generate value and how entire industries are structured. Understanding the opportunities and threats created by advances in IT is critical for modern-day managers, and this understanding will grow in importance as more and more business is conducted in "virtual" domains in the future.

Current Areas of Research
  • Business analytics
  • Business value of information technology
  • Data warehousing and visualization
  • Distributed network and database design
  • Economic and behavioral implications of electronic commerce
  • Emerging technologies
  • Enterprise and supply chain systems
  • Information technology outsourcing and off-shoring
  • Platforms and open innovation
  • Project management
  • Strategic and innovative uses of information technology
  • Social media
  • Software development
  • Technologies enabling electronic commerce
  • Virtualization of business and societal processes
Information Technology Management Faculty
Profile image for Maryam Alavi
Maryam Alavi
Dean, Professor 
Profile image for Yu Jeffrey Hu
Yu Jeffrey Hu
Profile image for Mingfeng Lin
Mingfeng Lin
Associate Professor 
Profile image for Sabyasachi Mitra
Sabyasachi Mitra
Senior Associate Dean, Professor 
Profile image for Sridhar Narasimhan
Sridhar Narasimhan
Professor, Special Chairholder 
Profile image for Marius Florin Niculescu
Marius Florin Niculescu
Associate Professor, PhD Coordinator 
Profile image for Eric Overby
Eric Overby
Associate Professor 
Profile image for Michael Smith
Michael Smith
Profile image for D. J. Wu
D. J. Wu
Area Coordinator, Professor 
Profile image for Lizhen Xu
Lizhen Xu
Associate Professor 
Profile image for Han Zhang
Han Zhang