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An area for every
business interest.

An area for every
business interest.

Maybe you’re analytical. Or perhaps you’re more intuitive. No matter what your innate skills are, there’s a home for you here. Our academic areas are staffed by some of the brightest minds in the business world, and they’ll prepare you not only to understand today’s economy, but to affect it as well.


Develop accounting skills uniquely relevant to today’s economy, including accounting for research, development, and development-stage enterprises.


Gain a better understanding of markets through coursework, research, and simulation, as well as case studies from companies at the forefront of technology.

Information Technology Management

Learn how IT and information systems transform businesses, empower consumers, and create new market opportunities.

Law & Ethics

Study the role of the law in business, and explore ethical considerations posed by new and different technologies in the workplace.


Using the latest technology, discover how to analyze consumer behavior and how to build brands and marketing programs that stand out.

Operations Management

Explore innovation and how it can improve the efficiency and sustainability of production, distribution, and operations in any industry.

Organizational Behavior

Learn how to manage individuals in a workplace where technology is increasingly pervasive.

Strategy & Innovation

Learn new tools and frameworks for examining problems related to innovation and technological change.

Interdisciplinary Programs

Build your knowledge across different disciplines to make your education as relevant as possible to today’s business challenges.


Current Faculty Opportunities