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Xu, Lizhen

Lizhen Xu

Associate Professor;
Associate Director, Master of Science in Analytics;
Co-Director, Business Analytics Center
Lizhen Xu  profile photo

Functional Area(s):
Ph.D., Info. Mgmt., The University of Texas at Austin, 2011
M.S., Economics, The University of Texas at Austin, 2008
B.E., Computer Science, Tsinghua University, China, 2006

Lizhen Xu is an Associate Professor of Information Technology Management in the Scheller College of Business at Georgia Institute of Technology. He is also an associate director of the Master of Science in Analytics (MSA) program at Georgia Tech and a co-director of the Business Analytics Center at the Scheller college. He has been selected as a 2020-2022 Provost Teaching and Learning Fellow. He received his Ph.D. in Information Management and M.S. in Economics from The University of Texas at Austin, and his B.E. in Computer Science from Tsinghua University, China. He specializes in quantitative research methodologies that involve both analytical and empirical modeling. His interdisciplinary research interest lies in the economics of information systems and its interface with marketing and operations management. The substantive areas of interest include: online advertising and digital marketing, mobile commerce and consumer analytics, economics of artificial intelligence and data privacy, online reviews and service management, among others. His papers have been published in academic journals such as Management Science, Journal of Marketing Research, Information Systems Research, Production and Operations Management, Journal of Management Information Systems, and Decision Analysis. He currently serves as a senior editor for Production and Operations Management and an associate editor for Service Science.

Published Papers

  • Adithya Pattabhiramaiah, Eric M. Overby, and Lizhen Xu. 2021. "Spillovers from Online Engagement: How A Newspaper Subscriber's Activation of Digital Paywall Access Affects Her Retention and Subscription Revenue," Management Science, forthcoming.

  • Lizhen Xu, Jason A. Duan, Yu (Jeffrey) Hu, Yuan Cheng, and Yan Zhu. 2019. "Forward-Looking Behavior in Mobile Data Consumption and Targeted Promotion Design: A Dynamic Structural Model," Information Systems Research, Vol. 30, No. 2, pp. 616-635.

  • Marius F. Niculescu, D.J. Wu, and Lizhen Xu. 2018. "Strategic Intellectual Property Sharing: Competition on an Open Technology Platform Under Network Effects," Information Systems Research, Vol. 29, No. 2, pp. 498-519.

  • Haoying Sun and Lizhen Xu. 2018. "Online Reviews and Collaborative Service Provision: A Signal-Jamming Model," Production and Operations Management, Vol. 27, No. 11, pp. 1960-1977.

  • Lizhen Xu, Jason A. Duan, and Andrew Whinston. 2014. "Path to Purchase: A Mutually Exciting Point Process Model for Online Advertising and Conversion," Management Science, Vol. 60, No. 6, pp. 1392-1412.

  • Lizhen Xu, Jianqing Chen, and Andrew Whinston. 2012. "Effects of the Presence of Organic Listing in Search Advertising," Information Systems Research, Vol. 23, No. 4, pp. 1284-1302.

  • Lizhen Xu, Jianqing Chen, and Andrew Whinston. 2011. "Price Competition and Endogenous Valuation in Search Advertising," Journal of Marketing Research, Vol. 48, No. 3, pp. 566-586.

  • Lizhen Xu, Jianqing Chen, and Andrew Whinston. 2010. "Oligopolistic Pricing with Online Search," Journal of Management Information Systems, Vol. 27, No. 3, pp. 111-141.

  • Jianqing Chen, Lizhen Xu, and Andrew Whinston. 2010. "Managing Project Failure Risk through Contingent Contracts in Procurement Auctions," Decision Analysis, Vol. 7, No. 1, pp. 23-39.