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Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business Celebrates 15th Annual Honors Day

The Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business recognizes its outstanding students, faculty, and staff at the 15th annual Honors Day Awards ceremony.
Honors Day Winners

Honors Day Winners

The Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business held its 15th Honors Day celebration on Thursday, March 30, at the Renaissance Hotel Midtown. The event is held annually to honor the accomplishments of students, faculty, and staff who have displayed exceptional service and academic excellence throughout the year.

The awards are made possible through generous gifts from alumni, corporate partners, benefactors, and friends of the College.

Maryam Alavi, Dean and Stephen P. Zelnak, Jr. Chair, welcomed attendees and introduced John Wells, IM ’84, partner at The Goodwin Group and chair-elect of the Advisory Board, to the stage.

“Today is one of the most special occasions of our year, as we gather to recognize the accomplishments of our students, faculty, and staff, as well as the generosity of our benefactors. I feel a tremendous sense of pride to be part of this tradition and commend the honorees for their achievements,” said Dean Alavi.

After introductions, Alavi and Wells conveyed the awards to the recipients. 

Lizhen Xu

Lizhen Xu

“I am truly honored and humbled to receive this recognition. I am very appreciative to Mrs. and Mr. Brady for creating this award to encourage and recognize the positive impact of faculty on students. I am also grateful and proud to be part of Scheller College. Its brilliant students, exemplary colleagues, and supportive environment keep inspiring teaching and research innovations,” said Lizhen Xu, recipient of the Brady Family Award for Faculty Teaching Excellence and associate professor of Information Technology Management.

Lauren Gordon

Lauren Golden

“To me, the John R. Battle Awards for Student Excellence means that continually investing time, energy, and love into the passions and people that are the most meaningful to me will always lead to my personal success and fulfillment,” said undergraduate honoree Lauren Gordon, BSBA ’23.

Savannah Thomas

Savannah Thomas

Savannah Thomas, MBA ’23, recognized her classmates and the College. 

“It’s a huge honor to have been nominated by my peers to receive the Dean’s Award alongside my classmate, Thomas Landzert, for our contributions to the Scheller community. I’m so proud to be graduating from Georgia Tech this spring and having had the opportunity to give back to this community during my time here,” she said.

Dean Alavi

Dean Alavi

The final award of the event, the Ernest Scheller Jr. Award, was given to Dean Alavi. This Honors Day event will be her last in her official capacity as Dean of Scheller College.

“This award means the world to me, and I’m honored and grateful to be the recipient. Most importantly, I’m grateful for the steadfast support of the faculty, staff, students, donors, and friends of the College. It has been a privilege to serve as Dean, and together we have achieved much during the last nine years.

I look forward to stepping into a faculty role and being a part of the continued growth and ascent of the College,” said Alavi.


Faculty Awards 

Brady Family Awards for Faculty Teaching Excellence 

Faculty who inspire and encourage students, engender curiosity and love of learning and strive to increase the knowledge, skills, and abilities related to the subject matter. Funded by the late Charles W. Brady, IM 1957. 

  • Lizhen Xu, Associate Professor, Information Technology Management

Brady Family Awards for Faculty Research Excellence 

Faculty who have achieved research excellence, including quality, quantity, impact, magnitude of contribution, recognition through the peer review process, and quality journal placement. Funded by the late Charles W. Brady, IM 1957, chairman emeritus of INVESCO, emeritus member of the College Advisory Board and inaugural member of the College Hall of Fame. 

  • Adithya Pattabhiramaiah, Associate Professor, Marketing

Linda S. and Lloyd L. Byars Awards for Faculty Research Excellence 

Funded by Linda Byars and the late Lloyd L. Byars, Ph.D., professor emeritus, author of popular management textbooks, and longtime arbitrator of labor-management disputes. 

  • Ryan Blunck, Senior Lecturer, Accounting

Staff Awards 

Verlander Family Awards for Staff Excellence 

Funded by Karen and Chris A. Verlander, IM 1970, senior vice president, corporate development, for Associated Industries of Florida. 

  • Laura Czyzewski, Associate Director – Graduate Programs, QCF

Stephen P. Zelnak Jr. Award for Staff Excellence 

Recognizing staff members who demonstrate outstanding job performance, going beyond what might be expected and demonstrating high levels of execution in their primary job duties, auxiliary roles, and organizational citizenship. Funded by Stephen P. Zelnak Jr., IM 1969, chairman of ZP Enterprises, retired chairman of Martin Marietta Materials, Inc. and a member of the College Hall of Fame.  

  • Valerie Mastrangelo, Undergraduate Programs Manager

College-Wide Awards 

Melvyn P. and Eleanor N. Galin Creativity Award 

In recognition of Scheller College of Business faculty members, staff members, or students who demonstrate creative thinking or accomplishment. Funded by Eleanor N. and Melvyn P. Galin, Ph.D., IM 1953.  

  • Patrice Faison, Academic Program Manager, Evening MBA

The Ernest Scheller Jr. Award 

Scheller College of Business faculty or staff member who aspires to service excellence and who acts as an outstanding role model. This award celebrates service excellence among faculty and staff. Established by gifts from family and friends to honor Ernest Scheller Jr. for his extraordinary philanthropic leadership in advancing Georgia Tech and Scheller College in particular.

  • Maryam Alavi, Dean and Stephen P. Zelnak, Jr. Chair, Professor

Student Awards 

John R. Battle Awards for Student Excellence 

A graduating senior who demonstrates the highest scholastic achievement and leadership on campus and in the community. Funded by Lewis A. Patterson III, IM 1968, CEO of BPU Associates LLC, in memory of John R. Battle, who made it financially possible for Mr. Patterson to attend Georgia Tech. The late Mr. Battle graduated from Cornell University with a chemical engineering degree and served as vice president for The Dow Chemical Company. 

  • Ramy Bassil, BSBA 2023
  • Lauren Gordon, BSBA 2023
  • Emmett Halloran, BSBA 2023
  • Meah Konstanzer, BSBA 2023

Dow Chemical-P.C. McCutcheon Award for Outstanding Student Achievement 

The student who holds a high cumulative scholastic average in the third-year class, and who demonstrates leadership and service at Georgia Tech and in the greater community. In honor of Dow Chemical and P.C. McCutcheon, who worked to establish the relationship between Dow Chemical and Georgia Tech. 

  • Jason Juang, BSBA 2024

Jennifer R. and Charles B. Rewis Awards for Student Excellence in Accounting 

An in-state undergraduate student who demonstrates exceptional academic performance in accounting, with preference for students pursuing careers in accounting. Funded by Jennifer R. Rewis, MGT 1992, and the late Charles B. Rewis, MGT 1992. 

  • Lindsey Johnson, BSBA 2023
  • Ruth Lim, BSBA 2023

Dean’s Award for Evening MBA Student Excellence 

Evening MBA students who have demonstrated exceptional integrity, academic merit, and leadership. 

  • Skye Blevins, MBA 2023

Dean’s Award for Full-Time MBA Student Excellence

Full-time MBA students who have demonstrated exceptional integrity, academic merit, and leadership. 

  • Thomas Landzert, MBA 2023
  • Savannah Thomas, MBA 2023

Ashford Watson Stalnaker Memorial Awards for Ph.D. Student Excellence 

Ph.D. students who contribute exemplary scholarship and innovation to their respective academic disciplines and the College, through outstanding research and teaching. In memory of Ashford Watson Stalnaker III, IM 1961, MS 1962, who served as a respected faculty leader in management science at Georgia Tech. 

  • Swanand Kulkarni, Ph.D. Candidate, Operations Management
  • Mary Eve Speach, Ph.D. Candidate, Organizational Behavior

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