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Group of three women Scheller MBA Graduate students

Celebrating Women's History Month

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At the Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business, we want to honor Women's History Month through a collection of stories that recognize some of the outstanding individuals in our community, the importance of continued dialogue around equity and inclusion, and ideas that inspire us to make a difference.

Faces of Impact |  Meet the Entrepreneurs |  Critical Conversations for Growth |  Advocates and Allies |  Awards and Recognition

Faces of Impact

Women students, faculty, staff, and alumni throughout Scheller’s history bring diverse experiences and perspectives that help us create a thriving community. Through these profiles, we celebrate those who have and are making a difference at Scheller and in the business world.

Meet the Entrepreneurs

As part of celebrating the successes of Scheller’s women students and alumni, we elevate the rich stories of these trailblazers who are courageously seeking to nurture and create their own companies and make their mark on the business world.

Critical Conversations for Growth

To better understand the importance diversity, equity, and inclusion play in our lives, Scheller hosts several events each year featuring esteemed speakers who discuss advocacy, social impact, and more. These events provide the community at large with the opportunity for valuable discourse on important issues that affect our lives today and in the future.

Advocates and Allies

In recent years, awareness of the importance of advocacy and allyship has increased, and Scheller has played an active role in developing resources and environments for promoting understanding and fighting inequity.

Awards and Recognition

The contributions of women students, faculty, staff, and alumni are evident in the recognitions received from the Institute, media, and other organizations over the years. Scheller is proud to tell the stories of individuals who go above and beyond expectations to make a difference in the world.

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