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Strategy & Innovation

Faculty in the Strategy & Innovation area focus on research and teaching in the areas of strategy and innovation. Strategy is defined by the question of 'Why are some companies successful while others fail?'

The field builds on and integrates other functional areas to further our understanding of how firms gain and sustain a competitive advantage. Innovation, in turn, broadly includes value creating activities, such as those associated with the creation of new or improved ideas, products, processes, services, and organizational business models. Examples of topics of research interest and strength for our area at the intersection of strategy and innovation are technology-based entrepreneurship, R&D productivity, appropriability of returns from innovation, internal and external knowledge networks, intellectual human capital, and markets for technology.

Current Areas of Research
  • Allocation of talent
  • Business strategy and competition
  • Corporate strategy (mergers and acquisitions, corporate venture capital, strategic alliances)
  • Economic geography
  • Economics of digitization
  • Economics of innovation
  • Entrepreneurship and occupational choice
  • Human capital and labor mobility
  • Impact of regulation on innovation
  • Industry evolution
  • Innovation ecosystems
  • Intellectual property strategy
  • Inter- and intra-firm knowledge networks and innovation
  • Internationalization of Chinese state-owned enterprises
  • Knowledge spillovers
  • Markets for technology
  • Patent law and policy
  • Pharmaceutical economics
  • Sustainable development and multinational enterprises
  • Technology diffusion
  • Technology entrepreneurship and venture capital financing
  • Technology standards
Strategy & Innovation Faculty
Profile image for Marco Ceccagnoli
Marco Ceccagnoli
Area Coordinator, Associate Professor 
Profile image for Jonathan Giuliano
Jonathan Giuliano
Professor of the Practice 
Profile image for Stuart Graham
Stuart Graham
Associate Professor 
Profile image for David N. Ku
David N. Ku
Regents Professor, Special Chairholder 
Profile image for John McIntyre
John McIntyre
Professor, Program Director 
Profile image for Alexander Oettl
Alexander Oettl
Associate Professor, PhD Coordinator 
Profile image for Frank T. Rothaermel
Frank T. Rothaermel
Professor, Special Chairholder 
Profile image for Pian Shu
Pian Shu
Assistant Professor 
Profile image for Eunhee Sohn
Eunhee Sohn
Assistant Professor 
Profile image for Peter Thompson
Peter Thompson
Profile image for Laurina Zhang
Laurina Zhang
Assistant Professor 

Profile image for John Walsh
John Walsh
Professor, School of Public Policy (courtesy appointment) 
Profile image for Keith McGreggor
Keith McGreggor
Professor of the Practice of School of Interactive Computing