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Thompson, Peter

Peter Thompson

Hal and John Smith Chair in Small Business and Entrepreneurship,
Peter Thompson profile photo

Academic Area(s):
Functional Area(s):
Entrepreneurship and Occupational Choice
Organizational Learning
Technological Change
Industry Evolution
Ph.D. Food and Resource Economics, University of Florida, 1993
M.Sc. Agricultural Economics, University of East Anglia (UK), 1985
B.Sc. Agricultural Economics, University of Reading (UK), 1984

Peter Thompson joined Scheller in 2014. Prior to joining Scheller he served on the faculty at Emory, Florida International, Carnegie Mellon, and the University of Houston.

Peter’s research, which includes both theoretical and empirical work, has covered a variety of fields, including endogenous growth theory, industry evolution, entrepreneurship, organizational learning, and medical decision making. Peter has taught courses covering most major areas of economics, at Ph.D., MBA and undergraduate levels.

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  • Associate Editor, Management Science.

  • Editorial Board, Journal of Evolutionary Economics.