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15 Scheller Faculty and Staff Selected for 2022 Student Recognition of Excellence in Teaching Award

Front of the Scheller College of Business building

Fifteen Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business faculty and staff received the 2022 Student Recognition of Excellence in Teaching Award from the Georgia Tech Center for Teaching and Learning.  

The Annual CIOS Award and Semester Honor Roll recognizes instructors who receive exceptional response rates and scores on the Course Instructor Opinion Survey (CIOS), which students fill out at the end of each semester. Recipients provide feedback in three areas: the instructor's respect and concern for students, the instructor's level of enthusiasm about teaching the course, and the instructor's ability to stimulate interest in the subject matter.  

"I believe the secret to getting the best from our brilliant students is creating a joyful environment,” said recipient Karie Davis-Nozemack, associate professor of Law and Ethics. “We all want to work in a place that encourages kindness, respect, and humor. I think of my classroom as the students' workplace. I have found that when I show students that I respect and care about them, their time, and their attention, they are more open to challenging subject matter and assignments.” 

For more information, see the Annual CIOS Award and Semester Honor Roll pages.  

List of Recipients 

Small Classroom 

Ryan Blunck (MGT 4026)  

Karie David-Nozemack (MGT 4803)   

Aaron Hackett (MGT 6308)   

Tim Halloran (MGT 6325)   

Jeffrey Hu (MGT 6213)   

Frank Rothaermel (IMBA 6131)   

Manpreet Singh (MGT 4066)   

Vinod Singhal (MGT 6353)   

Jane Thayer (MGT 4027)   

Deborah Turner (MGT 4045)   

Large Classroom  

Manpreet Hora (MGT 6357)   

Gary Jones (MGT 3079)   

Dong Liu (MGT 6118)   

Seminars: Small Classes   

Jewel Perkins (GT 1000)   

Craig Womack (GT 1000) 

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