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Certificates for Undergraduates

Scheller offers eleven certificates open to undergraduate degree-seeking students at Georgia Tech to both business and and other (non-business) majors alike. There is no registration process, only an application submission process two weeks before you graduate. These certificates provide a road map to a deeper understanding and knowledge in the subject matter.


Business Analytics

Business Law and Ethics



IT Management

International Business

Leadership and Organizational Change


Operations and Supply Chain Management

Strategy and Innovation

Sustainable Business


General Certificate Information
For Non-Business Students
  • Certificates are available only to degree-seeking Georgia Tech undergraduates.
  • Certificates are optional for Business Administration Majors.
  • Certificates include advanced coursework offered in specific business areas and are designed to allow students to gain expertise.
  • Earning certificates can enhance your marketability for employment.
  • A certificate consists of a minimum of 12 credit hours of courses beyond the basic required courses per certificate area.
  •  BSBA students may use only one course to fulfill a concentration requirement and to fulfill a requirement for a MGT certificate. For example, the International Marketing class can be used toward both the Marketing concentration and the International Management certificate. You are not able to count another course towards your certificate if it was also a part of you Marketing conentration.
  •  BSBA students may not earn a certificate and a concentration in the same area.
  • Technology & Management students may not use any Engineering & Management minor courses toward any certificate at Tech, including MGT certificates.
  • You do not need to register with the College of Business to seek a certificate. Simply work with your major advisor to fit the classes in your academic plan. Non-business students do not have access to the Business Advisors but some staff members will help you with your questions if you stop by the Scheller Undergraduate office.
  • Seeking a certificate does not allow you to register for MGT classes before the major restrictions are lifted. The Undergraduate Office does not give out permits for such cases.
  • Please apply for the certificate two weeks prior to graduating. Your transcript will be reviewed and your certificate mailed oone - two weeks after degrees are conferred. Please make sure the address you use on your application is correct. This is where the certificate will be mailed.

Online Undergraduate Certificate Registration
           If you plan on pursuing a certificate, register with us to recieve important information each semester.

Online Undergraduate Certificate Application

            Apply two weeks before you graduate.