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Summer and Fall 2020 Phase I Registration

Last updated March 26th at 10:38am

Non-BSBA students including those seeking a certificate or students who have business courses as part of their degree are subject to our major restrictions which will lift on Monday, April 13th at 9am. Students who are graduating in Summer/Fall 2020 or have extenuating circumstances should submit a permit request.
Non-BSBA or Change of Major students seeking advising please click on "Questions and Advising for Non-Major Students" below.
Registration Dates

Important Dates to Remember:

  • Thursday, March 19- Time tickets released by 6pm
  • Monday, March 23 - Friday, May 15 (until 4 PM) - Phase I Registration open
  • Wednesday, May 6 at 4PM - In order to ensure that our office will be able to properly coordinate with faculty units as well as guarantee Phase I registration, all Internships and Special Topic forms should be submitted by this deadline.
Major and Other Restrictions Timeline

For non-majors:

  • MGT 3599 is restricted to Junior level Business majors only
  • Courses with the Section Code HP are for Honors Progrm students only
  • Courses with the Section Code TM are for Technology and Management students only
  • Change of Major and Certificate students please see the Non-Major section below for information about our process and advising.

For BSBA students:

  • Courses with the Section Code HP are for Honors Progrm students only
  • Courses with the Section Code TM are for Technology and Management students only
Important Updates and New Courses
  • All holds placed by the Scheller Undergraduate Programs Office have been removed to better assist students with Phase I registration
  • MGT 4803 Social Media Marketing has been assigned a permanent course number of MGT 3313
  • These courses will have unsupervised labratories to account for time spent working with groups. Please register for both the course and the lab at the same time (like Lab Sciences):
    • MGT 3313 -A- Social Media Marketing CRN 91986
      • MGT 3313 -A01- Social Media Marketing Lab CRN 92036
    • MGT 4220-A- Integrative Management CRFN 89969
      • MGT 4220-A01- Integrative Management Lab CRN 92219
  • MGT 4803 - Technology Innovation Practicum is a new course from the Strategy and Innovation Faculty
    • Group B for S&I Concentration
  • MGT 3599: Career Development will no longer be taught during the Summer Term
  • Special Topics Courses (MGT 4910, 4911 and 4912) conducted by Dr. Turner are specifically for students seeking to take the CPA exam. Only students who have declared Accounting as their concentration, intend to be a CPA and have completed 3 of the 4 Group A courses (MGT 4010, MGT 4026, MGT 4027 and MGT 4041) should approach Dr. Turner about taking a Special Problems course
Academic Advising for BSBA Students

Due to public health concerns, Georgia Tech is unable to offer in-person advising at this time.  We are offering students the choice to conduct advising via video-conference but must convey that this method does make ensuring FERPA privacy difficult. 

Advisors will conduct video-conference advising in a private location and recommend that students do the same to limit the amount of information which could be overheard by others in the vicinity.  By agreeing to video-conference advising, students are confirming they understand this situation.

  • Starting immediately, Advising appointments will be held virtually or over the phone until further notice. Students can choose to speak with their advisor via phone call, Webex, or BlueJeans. The latter two options are video chats that all GT students have access to using their GT credentials.
  • After you schedule an advising appointment in GradesFirst, your advisor will send you a link invitation to your scheduled virtual appointment via GT email. Please indicate in the GradesFirst appointment "Comments" or email your advisor which method of communication you would prefer. Please provide a phone number if you prefer advising via phone.
  • Schedule an appointment via GradesFirst per usual and your advisor will provide you with a link to the virtual meeting.  (Links to an external site.)

Registration Advising

To make an appointment with your advisor, please check GradesFirst .

Questions and Advising for Non-Major Students

Change of Major Candidates: During Registration the Undergraduate Office will not accept Change of Major forms from students who have not already attended the BSBA Prep Meeting.

Info And Course Suggestions

Advising for Change of Major Candidates:

For Spring 2020: "Open Hours" will be available in BlueJeans on Mon - Thurs from 1:00pm - 3:00pm via BlueJeans with a staff member to answer quick questions.

All students seeking to change their major to BSBA must complete the three steps of our process (online module, check for understanding, and BSBA Prep meeting) before submitting their form for processing. Please continue reading for more details about advising for Summer and Fall 2020 Registration:

  • Students who have completed all steps and attended a BSBA Prepartion meeting can email their advisor if they cannot schedule a meeting via GradesFirst to set up a meeting.
  • All students completing the Change of Major Podcast and Check for Understanding will be issued a permit to ACCT 2101, MGT 2106, and MGT 2250 on the Monday of the third week of registration. If they need alternative/additional permits they can do so through the permit request form.
    • Students will need to attend a BSBA Preparation meeting when on-campus activities resume.
    • Advising appointments will be available starting Monday, April 6. Please schedule an appointment via GradesFirst by selecting "Change of Major" as a reason.You can also attend "Open Hours" mentioned above.

Certificate Students: Students seeking a Business certificate are still subject to any level or major restrictions as well as pre-requisites.

Certificate Information

Advising for Certificate and Non-BSBA Students:

Advising for Non-BSBA students who are seeking or potentially seeking a certificate from the Scheller College of Business is available starting Monday, April 6. Please schedule an appointment via GradesFirst by selecting "Change of Major" as a reason.

Requesting permits: Summer or Fall 2020 Degree Candidates who need a course to complete their certificate may request a permit prior to major restrictions being lifted.

Course Off

Course Off:

Course Off is a great tool to help you plan your schedule out. Please keep in mind that this system is a third party site and may not be 100% accurate and does not run in real time. This can complicate your schedule in the following ways:

  • Course Off shows seats as available but there MAY NOT be actual seats
  • Cousre Off does not distinguish between the titles of MGT 4803s
  • CRNs, times and locations may be inaccurate
  • Always double check the schedule you made in Course Off with official GT Course Schedule
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