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After Leave of Absence (Not Due to Academic Drop/Dismissal)

Students who have been away from GT for two or more semesters and are in good standing,  probation, or warning status must reapply through the Registrar. Further information can be found at the Office of the Registrar.

After First Drop/Dismissal From Georgia Tech

The Scheller College of Business has a very different readmission process from other Colleges and Schools at Georgia Tech. Please read all directions and follow procedures listed below to be considered for readmission after first drop.

  1. Competitive readmission: Not every applicant is readmitted to the Scheller College of Business. Through your readmissions application and interview (if selected) we attempt to discern if you are a viable candidate for readmission
  2. Wait period: The Scheller College of Business has a two-semester wait period for readmissions after academic drop. For example, a student dropped at the end of spring semester must sit out both summer and fall semesters.
  3. Attend another college: Dismissed students should attend another college during their time away from Tech. The Readmissions Committee wants to see students earn a 3.0 GPA in at least nine (9) credits in one term at another college to show readiness for and commitment to succeeding in college-level coursework. Preferably these would be degree applicable credits.
  4. Personal Assessment: Applicants for readmission must complete a personal assessment analyzing the reasons or the behaviors that caused the drop. This requires students to take responsibility for their previous performance. If a family or personal emergency was the cause of the dismissal, please wait until these issues are resolved before applying for readmission. If the reasons are behavioral (time management, motivation, socializing too much, study skills, etc.), please include a plan to address these issues. Only students who have shown positive growth during the time away from Georgia Tech will be considered for readmissions. Thoroughness in the personal assessment is expected. Assessments that lack reflection and a plan for future success will not be considered.
  5. Readmission Interview: If your application materials are determined to be compelling, you will be invited for an interview with the Readmissions Committee. This is a chance for the Readmissions Committee to learn more about you experience and readiness to return, and determine if you have created an adequate plan to overcome past obstacles.
  6. Academic Contract: All readmitted students are placed on a two-semester academic contract during which they must earn a certain GPA for each of those two semesters. Failure to meet the contract terms will result in permanent dismissal from Georgia Tech.
  7. Advising Meetings: During your first semester on contract, readmitted students are required to meet with a CoB academic advisor at least twice to discuss academic performance.
  8. Class Attendance and Academic Expectations: While on contract students are expected to attend all classes, participate in the courses fully as outlined in the syllabi, arrive on time to class, submit all assignments by the deadlines, visit professors' office hours and participate in academic success seminars. Students who cannot fulfill these expectations should not apply for readmission.
  9. Working while on contract: Students on contract who want to attend school full-time are not permitted to work more than 20 hours per week. If the student needs to work more than 20 hours per week, he or she may still be readmitted, but only as a part-time student. This is to assure the student has enough time to prepare properly for classes. The GT Office of Financial Aid often allows readmitted students to continue receiving financial aid. Contact your financial aid advisor to discuss aid options

After Second Drop/Dismissal From Georgia Tech 

According to the General Catalog for the Georgia Institute of Technology "a student who is dropped a second time for unsatisfactory scholarship will not be readmitted." The Scheller College of Business adheres to Georgia Tech policy regarding readmission after second drop/dismissal and will not consider readmissions applications from students who were dropped/dismissed twice from Georgia Tech.

Academic Renewal

Undergraduate students who have been readmitted or reinstated after a period of absence of five (5) calendar years or longer are eligible for academic renewal. Academic renewal for the student signals the initiation of a new grade point average to be used for determining academic standing. Students who are eligible and interested in Academic Renewal should make it known at the beginning of their readmissions process. For more information click here.

How Do You Know If You Are Ready To Apply?

The students who are successful on contract are the students who make a commitment to changing their behavior or addressing the problems that kept them from succeeding at Georgia Tech. Most of our contract students progress from probation to good standing students, but some students chose not to address the problems that lead to their dismissal and are dropped a second time. After the second drop, a student may not reapply to the Scheller College of Business. If you feel you are ready to commit to your academics and make your coursework your #1 priority, you are ready to apply for readmissions.

Applying For Readmission

To apply for readmission, send an email toin the COB Undergraduate Program Office to request the full CoB readmission packet. Take your time with the personal assessment and other required materials since it helps us determine if you are ready for readmission. Readmission to the CoB is not guaranteed. You will be contacted if you have been selected for an interview with the Readmissions Committee.



Readmissions documents should first be submitted to the Scheller College of Business, which will review them, interview the student, decide whether or not to support the application, and then forward the readmission documents to the registrar for the final review and decision.

Readmission Term

Deadline For Students To Submit All
Readmissions Documents To The CoB

Deadline For CoB To Submit All Readmissions
Documents To The Registrar For Final Decision
Fall May 15 June 1
Spring September 15 October 1
Summer January 15 February 1