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At Georgia Tech, each student gains the important understanding of how business works from A to Z. Your concentration helps prepare you in a chosen area by providing 18 credits of in-depth study. It will show employers that in addition to possessing a strong understanding of all areas of business through completion of the core business classes, you have a specialization in one or more areas of business and are prepared to compete for full-time positions within that industry.

The BSBA program at Scheller offers eight concentrations:



General Management

Information Technology Management

Leadership and Organizational Change


Operations and Supply Chain Management

Strategy and Innovation

 Selecting & Declaring a Concentration 

Tips & Resources for Selecting and Declaring a Concentration

Concentration Resource Guides

Who is required to complete a concentration?
  • All students seeking to complete a BSBA degree are required to complete a concentration.
Please read these important policies about concentrations
  • Only BSBA majors can complete concentrations.
  • Students may only receive official recognition for the completion of one concentration.
  • Students must earn at least a grade of "C" in all courses for a concentration.
  • Students are encouraged to declare their concentration in OSCAR as early as possible. Once declared, students do have the option to change it later if desired.
  • Some courses may be listed as electives in two different concentrations. Students may double count one course toward a concentration and a certificate but may not receive recognition for two concentrations.
  • BSBA majors may still complete certificates, but not in the same areas of their concentrations. For instance, a BSBA major may not finish a concentration in Marketing and a certificate in Marketing.