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At Georgia Tech, each student gains the important understanding of how business works from A to Z. Your concentration helps prepare you in a chosen area by providing 18 credits of in-depth study. It will show employers that in addition to possessing a strong understanding of all areas of business through completion of the core business classes, you have a specialization in one or more areas of business and are prepared to compete for full-time positions within that industry.



General Management

Information Technology Management

Leading and Managing Human Capital


Operations and Supply Chain Management

Strategy and Innovation

 Selecting & Declaring a Concentration 


Tips & Resources for Selecting and Declaring a Concentration

Concentration Resource Guides

  • All new freshmen, transfer students and readmitted students who are admitted to Georgia Tech for the summer 2011 semester and after will be admitted into the BSBA degree and required to complete a concentration.
  • Tech students who submit change of major forms to join the Scheller College of Business after January 17, 2011 are required to complete the BSBA degree and a concentration. 
  • BS Management students who change their major to the BSBA degree are required to complete a concentration.
  • Current BSM students who were admitted to Georgia Tech prior to Summer 2011 are not required to finish a concentration if they plan to graduate with the BSM degree.
  • Tech students who changed their major to BSM before January 17, 2011 and who plan to graduate with the BSM degree are not required to complete a concentration.  
  • Only BSBA majors can complete concentrations.
  • Students may only receive official recognition for the completion of one concentration.
  • Students must earn at least a grade of "C" in all courses for a concentration.
  • Students are encouraged to declare their concentration in OSCAR as early as possible. Once declared, students do have the option to change it later if desired.
  • Some courses may be listed as electives in two different concentrations. Students may double count one course toward a concentration and a certificate but may not receive recognition for two concentrations.
  • BSBA majors may still complete certificates, but not in the same areas of their concentrations. For instance, a BSBA major may not finish a concentration in Marketing and a certificate in Marketing.
  • Students may use one course used to fulfill a concentration requirement to fulfill a requirement for a Management certificate. For instance, the International Marketing class may be used for the Marketing concentration and the International Management certificate. Students may only exercise this option once.
  • College of Business students pursuing the Engineering & Management minor may use up to two E&M courses toward MGT concentrations (but not certificates), as long as the E&M course appears within the list of courses eligible for the concentration. When applying the E&M courses to MGT concentrations, the courses may be used only once. For instance, although MGT 3744 (an E&M class) is listed under at least three different concentrations, students can only apply it to their one concentration. E&M minor classes cannot be used to fulfill requirements for any other certificate or minor at Tech, including MGT certificates.