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Introducing Scheller’s First Business Analytics Case Competition

Inaugural business analytics case competition will promote data-driven innovation and strategic thinking.
Thought Logic Consulting and the BAC sponsored a Power BI workshop for Scheller students.

UBAC, Thought Logic Consulting, and the Business Analytics Center recently held a Power BI workshop to kick off their Business Analytics Case Competition. 1st row: Natasha Havanur, Bella Christman, Caitlin Gorman, Dillon Roberts (UBAC). 2nd row: Jonathan Wright, Bryant Griffith, Leslie Thomas, Benjamin Quigley, and Coleman Christensen (Thought Logic).

The Undergraduate Business Analytics Club’s (UBAC) Vice President of Special Projects Dillon Roberts came up with the idea of a Scheller Business Analytics Case Competition after attending—and winning—his very first case competition this past fall.

Looking back on the experience, Roberts was extremely positive about what he learned.

“It was the first time I pitched to an audience, which is always a great skill to have,” said Roberts. “It also enhanced my analytic skills as we had to back up all of our ideas with solid data. I especially enjoyed working with my team, which included students from many different areas of Georgia Tech. Overall, the experience underscored the importance of creativity, data-driven decision-making, and a customer-centric approach in addressing complex business challenges.”

Creating the Scheller Case Competition

After the competition, Dillon proposed a Scheller version of a case competition to the UBAC Board, and the idea was enthusiastically accepted.

“After witnessing the transformative power of case competitions firsthand, I was inspired to bring this invaluable experience to Scheller,” said Roberts. “Hosting a case competition isn’t just about solving business problems; it’s about immersing students in a new way of thinking—one that delves into the intricacies of a company’s operations and strategy. By participating, students gain insight into the conversations happening at the highest levels of organizations and learn how to navigate the complexities of the business world.”

Bella Christman, UBAC co-president and co-founder agrees.

“So many job interviews involve a case study; we thought students would appreciate the opportunity to learn how to do one correctly in an easy, casual environment.”

The event got closer to reality when the UBAC board ran the idea by their sponsor, the Scheller Business Analytics Center (BAC).

“We are excited to help sponsor a business-centered Case Competition,” said BAC Corporate Engagement Manager Sherri von Behren. “This particular Case Competition is especially unique because we added an educational component with a Power BI workshop, rendering the entire experience even more valuable for the students."

The BAC brought in one of their industry partners, Thought Logic Consulting to sponsor the event, conduct the Power BI workshop, and help judge the actual competition.

Power BI Workshop

Students from Scheller and across Georgia Tech took part in the PowerBI workshop in early March and judged it a big success.

“It’s always fun to learn something new and apply what I’ve learned in my classes,” said Reuben Lechuga, a UBAC member who is also taking part in the Undergraduate Business Analytics Practicum class.

Other students in the workshop agreed. “I’ve done a lot of work with Tableau, but this was my first introduction to PowerBI,” said Christian Lee, a fourth-year CS major. “I’ve also never done a case competition so I’m excited for this opportunity to expand my toolset.”

Five Thought Logic Executives teamed up to conduct the workshop and explain the parameters of the competition, including Solutions Manager Leslie Thomas, Managing Consultant Jonathan Wright, Data & Analytics Practice Leader Bryant Griffith, Consultant Coleman Christensen, and Business Transformation Leader Benjamin Quigley.

The workshop was a full-circle moment for Coleman Christensen, who is a recent Georgia Tech grad. He first met Thought Logic at the BAC’s Business Analytics and Data Science Career Fair & Internship Expo this past fall and joined them when he graduated.

“It was great to come back and see some familiar faces and teach some of the things I have already learned in my time at Thought Logic,” said Christensen. “I wish I had done something like this when I was in school.”

Leslie Thomas frequently takes part in BAC events at Scheller. At the workshop, she provided an overview of the competition to the students. “It’s not just about learning PowerBI,” said Thomas. “You have to tell a story with the data. Anticipate business questions the CFO or leader needs to answer.”

Upcoming Case Competition

Student pitches will take place on Monday, April 1st, with the winners being announced that night. In addition to the volunteers from Thought Logic, faculty members Michael Smith, Jonathan Fan, and D.J. Wu will attend and help judge the competition. The winning team will take home a $100 gift certificate from Thought Logic.

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