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Undergraduate Sustainable Business Curriculum

Georgia Tech undergraduates from any major have the opportunity to pursue a Certificate in Sustainable Business. Students pursuing the certificate will learn about the importance of sustainability for companies, government, and civil society and develop the skills necessary for evaluating and tackling critical issues. Coursework may be selected from business classes taught with an environmental and social sustainability lens as well as classes from other disciplines that will help students build their fundamental knowledge of sustainability.

Sustainable Business Courses

MGT 4369 - Sustainable Business Practicum

Similar to our MBA-level practicum, this course immerses students in management consulting, sustainability, and project management, following the best practices outlined in The Mckinsey Mind. The majority of the course focuses on real-world sustainability projects (those with an environmental or social dimension that impacts business risk or opportunity) with student teams developing practical recommendations and solutions for participating company sponsors. 

**Course counts as an elective for the Operations and Supply Chain Management and Strategy and Innovation Concentrations (BA Majors.) 

 “This course was an amazing experience for me and has been one of my favorites that I've taken at Tech. I learned so much but also had a lot of fun”

“One of the most practical and impactful classes I have taken in Scheller”

“The course offered me the opportunity to hear from inspiring sustainability speakers, solve complex business problems, and gain exposure to the consulting industry.”

MGT 3770 - Business Decisions for Sustainability and Shared Value

At the heart of the concept of “business sustainability and shared value” are interconnections among the economic, environmental, and societal dimensions of business performance. This course uses the 2017 World Economic Forum Global Risks Report and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as frameworks to establish the role of fundamental human needs (food, water, energy, shelter, fair wages, and community) in shaping long-term business value and overall economic progress. The course is multidisciplinary, discussion-oriented, and experiential, and uses a variety of pedagogical approaches such as lectures on key concepts, cases, videos, talks by invited speakers, and site visits.

**Course counts as an elective for the Operations and Supply Chain Management Concentration (BA Majors), and the Operations and Supply Chain Management Certificate (for non-business majors) offered by the Scheller College of Business.

SLS 3120 - An Introduction to Sustainable Systems

This course is for students from any major who want to learn about how to make a “system” – a community, a region, a supply chain, a company – more sustainable, both environmentally (lower CO2 emissions, better water quality, etc.) and socially (more equitable, more prosperous, etc.). We will explore sustainability from a systems perspective, discussing stakeholder views and trade-offs between different components of sustainability. We will discuss the value and limits of technological, policy, and business solutions in the context of climate change, material scarcity and energy poverty. Students will have the opportunity to learn from a variety of guest speakers and to work on a project of their choice. Student projects last year included “Shut the Sash”, “Reusable To-Go Containers”, “Red Goes Green” and “Textile Conservation Campaign.”

"There was a breadth of information presented and at the end of the course I think that I have learned a lot of general knowledge on the dimensions of sustainability."

"Having a wealth of perspectives, from instructors as well as guest speakers helped illustrate the material in practice, and how complex many of the issues were."

"The varying expertise that each professor brought made the class very engaging."

For more information on current courses with a Sustainable Business focus please click here

Sustainable Business Certificate

The coursework in the Certificate for Sustainable Business will prepare students to apply a sustainability lens to challenging business problems to help shape and make business decisions.

This certificate is available to all undergraduate students at Georgia Tech.  It requires a minimum of 12 credits.  The students must earn a grade of "C" or higher in all of the courses to qualify.

Group A: Choose at least two (2) courses

Group B: Choose up to two (2) courses

CEE 3000 - Civil Engineering Systems (MATH 2401 or MATH 2411 or MATH 24X1)

CEE 4150 - Construction Management & Megaprojects (CEE 3770 or ISYE 3770 or MATH 3670)

CEE 4300 - Environmental Engineering Systems (BIOL 1510 and CHEM 1310)

CS 4745 - Information & Communication Technologies & Global Development 

Applications for Sustainable Business certificates should be submitted two weeks prior to commencement of the semester you plan to graduate. Early applications will not be accepted. Submit your application by completing the form.

Questions about the Sustainable Business certificate? Contact the Scheller Undergraduate Program Office at 404-894-2605.