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Finance Concentration

Finance is the study and art of creating, managing, and investing a company’s capital to increase a company’s competitiveness in the global market.

Finance Concentration

After completing MGT 3062 (Financial Management), students complete six advanced finance courses (four required courses from Group A and at least two courses from Group B). Students must earn a grade of "C" or higher in all courses for a concentration.

Group A

MGT 4067  - Financial Markets and Structures (MGT 3076 or MGT 3078))

Group B


Note: Pre-requisites are listed in parentheses. Pre-requisites will not be waived.

Select at least 2 courses.

MGT 3075 - Security Valuation

MGT 3082 - Fundamentals of Real Estate Development (previously taught as MGT 4803 - Real Estate Development Fundamentals. No credit allowed for both.)

MGT 3084 - Derivative Securities (MGT 3062 or MGT 3078)

MGT 4026 - Financial Reporting and Analysis I (ACCT 2101 or MGT 3000)

*Only one (1) Special Problems course will be permitted to count for the concentration.


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