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Career Services

We have a really fantastic story to share with you...

The job offer rate for the class 2016 Scheller Grads was 96%.
  • Median salary is $63,300.
How did students, who are just like you, pull this off?

In order to maximze job opportunities, employers expect that by graduation, our students will:

  • Complete two career-related internships or the co-op program
  • Demonstrate academic success through a strong GPA
  • Lead peers through campus or community involvement

Specific Career Resources for current Scheller undergraduate students

We offer unique and exclusive help for Scheller undergrads.
  • Two in-house career coaches dedicated to job search success
  • Online job postings exclusively for business majors
  • Our Atlanta location is fantastic for career development
    • #3 city in the United States with Fortune 500 headquarter locations
    • 75% of Fortune 1000 companies have a presence in Atlanta
Follow this four year career development plan...
  • Freshman year: Freshman college success course (GT1000), uniquely designed for business students, with strong career components.  Freshmen develop interview skills, professional communication, internship search strategies, business etiquette and create resumes.  
  • Sophomore year: Resume improvement, presentation skills and business writing training during required Literature, Culture and Communication Class.  
  • Junior year: Required career development class (MGT3599) junior year that fully prepares students for their professional job search. In this class, students learn what employers are thinking and how to effectively show them what you have to offer the world. Our career coaches teach our students what to do and ensure they know how to do it. This gives our students a competitive advantage.  Essentially, students recieve 15 hours of career development their junior year, covering all skills needed to land a job during their senior year. 
  • Senior year: Execute the full-time job search the entire last year on campus. 
...and join Scheller alumni across the globe
  • Graduates of the Scheller College are in excellent positions in the corporate, non-profit, and government sectors.
  • Georgia Tech graduates are passionate about helping current students with their career development. We teach our students how to professionally access this valuable resource. Check out the Georgia Tech Alumni Association group on LinkedIn to preview the professionals that are available in this network.

2016 Graduation Statistics

Average Salary $63,300
Percentage of students with a job 3 months after graduation 96%


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