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Information Technology Management

IT and information systems are rapidly becoming ubiquitous in the modern society. Over the last decades, IT innovation moved at a staggering pace.

Now, more than ever, it is of paramount importance to explore and understand how these IT advances reshape the private sector and the government operations, create new opportunities and emerging business models in the market, impact and connect consumers, allow for transparency and accountability, and change the concepts of identity and security.

The IT Management (ITM) PhD program at Georgia Tech

The ITM PhD degree at Georgia Tech focuses on the exploration of the economic and behavioral impact of IT on businesses, consumers, governments, and society.

Students are trained in a wide variety of methods and are exposed to cutting edge research in IT management and in other related fields. Throughout the program, doctoral students are closely supervised and mentored by ITM faculty who are experienced world-class researchers working on a broad set of relevant topics (see ITM faculty profiles). This degree is intended to enable students to be successful researchers and instructors in the field of information systems at leading academic institutions in the world.

The program started in fall 1990, and, over the past couple of decades, it successfully shaped top researchers in the field (see recent placements).

PhD program milestones

ITM faculty, current ITM PhD students, and recent placements

All admitted applicants will receive a competitive yearly stipend, and their tuition will be waived.

More Information on Tuition and financing

The application deadline is January 6th for admission the following fall semester (mid-August).

Visit the link below for application requirements:

Application process

Apply to the ITM PhD program at Scheller College of Business, Georgia Tech