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Degree Programs

Our small and flexible PhD program positions graduates for success.

A doctoral degree qualifies you to pursue an academic career as a researcher and educator. An academic career provides not only tremendous intellectual freedom, but makes it possible to work with bright people throughout your life. You can make a difference through the scholarly research you create, and the lives you shape through your teaching.

Here, you’ll complete in-depth study of Accounting, Finance, Information Technology Management, Marketing, Operations Management, Organizational Behavior, or Strategy & Innovation. While many of our graduates become teachers, scholars, and researchers, others pursue careers in industry and government.

The opportunity to work face-to-face with recognized scholars in the field and supportive fellow doctoral students has been a priceless experience for me.

PhD Class

The PhD program is a full-time on campus program that is usually completed within four to five years.  Strongly research-oriented, the program emphasizes early and effective involvement in research, with students working closely with faculty. Each student works closely with an Advisory Committee composed of the advisor and two other faculty members from the chosen area of study. Together with the Advisory Committee, the student develops a program of study to meet his or her objectives, academic requirements, and career goals. 

I am confident I have made a good choice for my doctoral study. The research active faculty are approachable and willing to work on joint projects with PhD students.

Students benefit from personal attention and close interaction with faculty, who place significant weight on learning outside the classroom. PhD applications are actively encouraged only in areas where faculty resources and research activities are sufficient to serve PhD students adequately. Applicants whose interests do not coincide with these areas may propose alternative concentration areas. Such proposals will be considered in light of available faculty resources and research interests.

I love my career as a professor. The research and teaching are both challenging and rewarding. The faculty were excellent mentors and the program truly prepared me for a successful academic career.

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