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Elizabeth Han

IT Management Ph.D.
Assistant Professor at McGill University

What sets Scheller apart from other schools? (i.e. location, curriculum, student life, class size)?

The first and foremost thing that sets Scheller apart from other schools is the student-to-faculty ratio. During my Ph.D. program, I was always able to interact with faculty members both in class and outside of class and get individualized attention, thanks to the low student-to-faculty ratio. The fact faculty members at Scheller are renowned and respectable researchers eager to share their knowledge with students is another plus.

Scheller’s curriculum for the Ph.D. program has a perfect balance: not too restrictive  but still enabling students to get exposed to diverse areas. Scheller’s curriculum provides a guideline to ensure students can advance their knowledge in their area of interest and explore related areas and gain new perspectives. At the same time, the curriculum allows students the freedom to choose which aspect they want to hone their skills. Through the curriculum, I was able to broaden my perspectives. I was exposed to various areas and advanced my knowledge in the area I’m specializing in.   

What was your background prior to coming to Scheller and why was Scheller the best fit for you?

Before to coming to Scheller, I received my bachelor of science degree in business and my bachelor of arts degree in psychology. During my undergrad, I was engaged in research activities and became interested in pursuing a Ph.D. degree. My goal was to pursue a program that I can apply my knowledge from both business and psychology. Scheller was the right place for me. Scheller allowed vast research opportunities to apply interdisciplinary knowledge. After learning that the faculty members and students from different areas work together often and the academic environment guarantees a frequent exchange of diverse perspectives, I couldn’t help but choose to go to Scheller to pursue my Ph.D. degree.  

What is your favorite part about going to school in Tech Square and Midtown Atlanta?

The location of Scheller is perfect for those who want to enjoy vibrant city life and beautiful nature. Midtown Atlanta is a lively place. You can find everything you want—food, music, theater, and more. Tech Square and Midtown Atlanta are home to plenty of businesses, ranging from large, world-class corporates to innovative startups. Scheller has a great connection with various businesses, thus providing invaluable opportunities to interact with them. 

What does the intersection of business and technology mean to you?

As a Ph.D. student in the information and technology management area, the intersection of business and technology has a huge implication for me. Throughout my program, I’m learning more and more that technology is prevalent in every aspect of business, influencing both the economy and society. Technological advancement has already enabled crucial business innovations that made our lives better, but I firmly believe there are still many more to expect. As a researcher, it is my  goal to illuminate how technological advancement in business has transformed the economy and society, and building upon that, provide insights about future transformations to come.

What is your dream job and how will Scheller help you achieve your goal?

After my graduation, I want to pursue a career in academia as a researcher in the information systems and technology area. Scheller has been helping me to get ready for my dream job by providing vast resources, top-notch faculty members, and diverse research and teaching opportunities. Scheller is supportive in students’ research activities (both financially and academically). I have conducted research on areas of my interest without any constraints and get advice from the faculty members and colleagues through seminars and classes. Scheller has been providing networking opportunities with scholars from different institutions as well. I have met and interacted with several world-class scholars from all around the world. Such networking opportunities gave me an eye-opening experience and the joy of sharing valuable insights and knowledge.

In addition to pursuing research, I also enjoy sharing my knowledge and skills with other people. At Scheller, I had several teaching opportunities. I can share my knowledge and perspectives and learn further from bright, creative students. Thus, Scheller has been helping me to get prepared to become a diligent researcher and an open-minded teacher.

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