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Choosing a PhD program that matches your skills and interests is critical to your academic, professional, and personal success. Our PhD program is designed to develop scholars who are capable of making original contributions to their chosen fields.


You will find a collaborative approach that encourages work across academic areas and across the university. This allows you to tackle the newest trends and biggest challenges in research.The program is limited to full-time students who will complete their entire doctoral program before leaving the campus. The program is strongly research-oriented and emphasizes early and effective involvement in research. Students experience considerable personal attention as well as close interaction with faculty. The PhD program places significant weight on learning outside the classroom. Given the size of the program, the tutorial model is the primary educational approach employed throughout the program.

PhD applications are actively encouraged only in areas where faculty resources and research activities are sufficient to serve PhD students adequately.

Information Technology Management
Operations Management
Organizational Behavior
Strategy & Innovation