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Operations Management

Operations Management (OM) is the functional area of business primarily devoted to the creation, planning, and management of the resource capabilities used by a firm to create products or services.

The resource capabilities are comprised of the work force (e.g., skills), technology (e.g., manufacturing equipment and information-based technology), and processes (e.g., supply chain, inventory-distribution system, quality control system, material flow system, production planning methods, monitoring system, etc.) all of which typically represent a significant portion of a firm's total costs and controllable assets.

Since resource capabilities determine the types of products and services a firm can offer to the marketplace as well as the associated cost (price), quality attributes, and lead-times necessary to meet demand, the operations function is a critical driver of competitive advantage. Moreover, recent forces such as technology change and increased competition in cost, time and quality have elevated the extent of distinctive competence that can be obtained from the effective management of the operations function.

Current Areas of Research
  • Acquisition and implementation of new technology
  • Behavioral operations
  • Closed-loop supply chain management
  • Collaboration and teamwork in innovation
  • Global operations and supply chain management
  • Knowledge creation, transfer, and management
  • Managing information and operational risk in supply chains
  • Measuring the financial impact of operations strategies
  • Multi-criteria production scheduling
  • New product and process development
  • Revenue management
  • Service operations
  • Sustainability and environmental policy
Operations Management Faculty
Profile image for Atalay Atasu
Atalay Atasu
Area Coordinator, Associate Professor 
Profile image for Robert Burgess
Robert Burgess
Academic Professional 
Profile image for Yih-Long Chang
Yih-Long Chang
Profile image for Cheryl Gaimon
Cheryl Gaimon
Regents Professor, Special Chairholder 
Profile image for Soumen Ghosh
Soumen Ghosh
Profile image for Manpreet S. Hora
Manpreet S. Hora
Associate Professor, PhD Coordinator 
Profile image for Basak Kalkanci
Basak Kalkanci
Assistant Professor 
Profile image for Bob Myers
Bob Myers
Profile image for Morvarid Rahmani
Morvarid Rahmani
Assistant Professor 
Profile image for Karthik Ramachandran
Karthik Ramachandran
Associate Professor 
Profile image for Tatiana Rudchenko
Tatiana Rudchenko
Visiting Assistant Professor 
Profile image for Vinod Singhal
Vinod Singhal
Profile image for Ravi Subramanian
Ravi Subramanian
Associate Professor 
Profile image for Necati Tereyagoglu
Necati Tereyagoglu
Assistant Professor 
Profile image for L. Beril Toktay
L. Beril Toktay
Professor, Special Chairholder 
Profile image for Venkat Venkateswaran
Venkat Venkateswaran