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Rudchenko, Tatiana

Tatiana Rudchenko

Visiting Assistant Professor

Academic Area(s):
Ph.D. in Mathematics (2006) Voronezh State Technological Academy, Russia
Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance (with Honors), 1999, Voronezh State University

Dr. Tatiana Rudchenko, PhD is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Operations Management at the the Scheller College of Business, Georgia Institute of Technology. In the past she taught and conducted research at the Department of Economics and Quantitative Analysis as well as at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Kennesaw State University (Kennesaw, Georgia, USA). 

Over the course of her career, she has taught courses in Mathematics, Quantitative Analysis, Statistics, Management Science, Economics and Applied Mathematics in Economics in both a traditional classroom setting and online. In her classes, she aspires to excite student curiosity in operations management and create an engaging atmosphere for learning. Dr. Rudchenko has received two awards for teaching and student mentoring, six grants, and presented at multiple conferences.

Her research interests include:

Innovative Education, Operational Research, Mathematical Models and Quantitative Techniques for Business and Economics.

Peer Reviewed Publications:

Verhoeven P, Rudchenko T. Student Performance in a Principle of Microeconomics Course under Hybrid and Face-to-Face Delivery American Journal of Educational Research, November 2013- P. 413-418

Manuscript under Review: Maxim Bushuev, Alfred L Guiffrida, Tatiana Rudchenko 'Supply chain delivery performance improvement for several delivery time distributions.' International Journal of Operational Reseach.

In addition Tatiana served a KSU Math Circle Session Leader and Co-Director for several years.