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Advisory Board

The Advisory Board helps the College remain closely connected to alumni and current business leaders and monitors the priorities and needs of industry, including talent recruitment and development, strategic research and innovation, and business trends and forecasting. Board members are chosen by the Dean and Board's Executive Committee. Members serve for a two-year term, with an option for a second and third term at the discretion of the Dean and the Executive Committee.

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Scheller College of Business Advisory Board Executive Committee
Dick Bergmark, Chair's Profile Photo
Dick Bergmark, Chair, IMGT 1975
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer (Retired), Core Laboratories NV
David Rowland, Past Chair's Profile Photo
David Rowland, Past Chair, IM 1983
Executive Chairman (Retired), Accenture
Teresa Smith, Immediate Past Chair's Profile Photo
Teresa Smith, Immediate Past Chair, IMGT 1983
Senior Vice President, Customer Advocacy (Retired), Applied Systems, Inc.
John Wells, Chair-Elect's Profile Photo
John Wells, Chair-Elect, IMGT 1984
President & CEO (Retired), Interface Americas
Scheller College of Business Advisory Board Members
Mark Alexander's Profile Photo
Mark Alexander, MGT 1987
Chief Executive Officer, Cloud Communications Division, NTT Ltd.
Bob  Anclien (Member Emeritus)'s Profile Photo
Bob Anclien (Member Emeritus), IM 1969
Managing Partner (Retired), Accenture
Tom Avery, IMGT 1975's Profile Photo
Tom Avery, IMGT 1975, IMGT 1975
Managing Director (Retired)
Kelly Barrett's Profile Photo
Kelly Barrett, IM 1986
Senior Vice President, Home Services (Retired), The Home Depot
Allan Bradley's Profile Photo
Allan Bradley, MSCI 1973
Executive Vice President (Retired), Questar Corporation
Mack Brothers's Profile Photo
Mack Brothers, MSM 1992
President and Chief Executive Officer, Keypoint Intelligence
Steve Deedy's Profile Photo
Steve Deedy, IM 1981
Managing Director and Chief Administrative Officer, AlixPartners
Lalit Dhingra's Profile Photo
Lalit Dhingra
Founder & CEO, EnSignis LLC
Joe Evans's Profile Photo
Joe Evans, IM 1971
Vice Chairman, Cadence Bancorporation
Elizabeth Evans's Profile Photo
Elizabeth Evans, ChE 1995
Angel Investor
Valentine Fontama's Profile Photo
Valentine Fontama
Head of Contact Center AI Services, Google Professional Services
Bob Gilson's Profile Photo
Bob Gilson, IM 1973
Chief Executive Officer and President, Industrial Metal Fabricators, Inc.
Marion Glover, IM 1965's Profile Photo
Marion Glover, IM 1965
President of Glover Capital, Inc., and Vice President of Glover & Associates, Inc.
Terry Graham's Profile Photo
Terry Graham, IM 1969
Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer (Retired), Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company
Larry Huang (Member Emeritus)'s Profile Photo
Larry Huang (Member Emeritus), IM 1973
Executive Chairman, UniqueSquared, Inc.
Tami Hudson, MGT Alumna's Profile Photo
Tami Hudson, MGT Alumna, MGT Alumna
Cybersecurity Relations Officer, Wells Fargo
Dennis James's Profile Photo
Dennis James, MGT 1992
Chief Executive Officer, ScoresMatter, Inc.
Gary Jones (Member Emeritus)'s Profile Photo
Gary Jones (Member Emeritus), IM 1971
Georgia Tech Professor of the Practice
Kim Keever, MGT 1987's Profile Photo
Kim Keever, MGT 1987
Senior Vice President, Security, Analytics and Technology Services, and Chief Information Security Officer, Cox Communications
Tony Kepano, IMGT 1986's Profile Photo
Tony Kepano, IMGT 1986, IMGT 1986
Vice Chairman, CBRE
Tony Kimani, M.D., F.C.C.P., A.O.A., MBA 2014's Profile Photo
Tony Kimani, M.D., F.C.C.P., A.O.A., MBA 2014, MBA 2014
Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer, PreMedicus, LLC
A.J. Land (Member Emeritus)'s Profile Photo
A.J. Land (Member Emeritus), IM 1960
Founder and Chairman, Pope & Land Enterprises, Inc.
Tommy Lester, III, MBA 2011's Profile Photo
Tommy Lester, III, MBA 2011
Capital Advisor
Maggie Lovatt's Profile Photo
Maggie Lovatt, MBA 2016
Investment Strategist, Truist
Michelle Mabery's Profile Photo
Michelle Mabery, MBA 2014
Human Capital Consultant, Deloitte
Bill Magee's Profile Photo
Bill Magee, IM 1985
Vice President Customer Experience (Retired), Shaw Industries Group Inc.
Michael McCarthy's Profile Photo
Michael McCarthy, MS MGT 1986
Co-Founder and Director of Research, Shapiro Capital Management
Danny McCarthy, ME 1998, MSM 2000's Profile Photo
Danny McCarthy, ME 1998, MSM 2000
Co-Head of Global Credit Products, Credit Suisse AG
Cooper Mills's Profile Photo
Cooper Mills, IM 1968
Managing Director, Bowstring Advisors
Darlene Nicosia's Profile Photo
Darlene Nicosia, MSM 1994
President, Canada BU at Coca-Cola Ltd.
Beth Nowers, IMGT 1979's Profile Photo
Beth Nowers, IMGT 1979
Strategic Management Consultant (Retired), McKinsey & Company
Gregory Owens's Profile Photo
Gregory Owens, IM 1982
Chairman & CEO (Retired), IronPlanet
Juan Perez's Profile Photo
Juan Perez
Chief Information and Engineering Officer, UPS
Peter Quinones's Profile Photo
Peter Quinones, MBA 2008
President and Chief Executive Officer, Metro Atlanta Ambulance Service
Ernie Scheller (Member Emeritus)'s Profile Photo
Ernie Scheller (Member Emeritus), IM 1952, Hon. Ph.D. 2013
Chairman Emeritus, Silberline Manufacturing Company
Jacquelyn Renée Schneider's Profile Photo
Jacquelyn Renée Schneider, BC 2006, MBA 2018
Senior Manager, Jabian Consulting
Jean-Pierre Serani's Profile Photo
Jean-Pierre Serani, MBA 2005
Head of Investment Banking, Bancolombia
John Sherman, III's Profile Photo
John Sherman, III, IMGT 1982
President and Chief Executive Officer, Coca-Cola Bottling Company UNITED, Inc.
René Simon, MBA 2018's Profile Photo
René Simon, MBA 2018, MBA 2018
Senior Data Scientist, Netflix
Rich Speer's Profile Photo
Rich Speer, IM 1971
Chairman (Retired), Speer & Associates, Inc.
Kathy Waller's Profile Photo
Kathy Waller
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (Retired), The Coca-Cola Company
Tomoyuki Watanabe's Profile Photo
Tomoyuki Watanabe, MBA 2006
Director of Finance and Strategy (Japan Country CFO), AbbVie
Hank Windhorst's Profile Photo
Hank Windhorst, MGT 2010
Senior Principal Team Leader, CFA Business Services, Chick-fil-A, Inc.