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Technology is the future of every facet of business.

Technology is the future of every facet of business.

Let's face it. No matter what you study — whether it's supply chain or finance or marketing — any business program that doesn't have a firm grounding in technology is woefully behind the times. Here, you'll learn to excel where business and technology meet.

Learn to lead an emerging field like financial technology. Help incubate a startup. (We're one of the top 10 Advanced Technology Development Centers on a college campus.) Disrupt an entire industry by adapting emerging technologies to business operations.

Scheller is leading the innovation of business education because we're part of a world-renowned technical research university — focused on applying technological advancements to every conceivable commercial and social enterprise.

Learn how we're different


Get a firm grounding in the latest business thinking that will guide your entire career.


Ascend to a position of business leadership, fueled by a deep understanding of technology and innovation.


Conduct research, learn to educate, and move the business world forward.