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Quantitative Futurist Amy Webb and Scheller Faculty Discuss AI and the Impact of Emerging Tech

The Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business hosted futurist and author Amy Webb to discuss AI and its impact on society. The event was preceded by a panel discussion featuring Scheller faculty.
Amy Webb with Rodney Gibbs

Amy Webb with Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Rodney Gibbs

In partnership with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC), the Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business hosted futurist and author Amy Webb for a fireside chat on Wednesday, August 16.

Interviewed by Rodney Gibbs, senior director of Strategy and Innovation at the AJC, Webb discussed various topics, including economic and technological predictions for Atlanta, which she compared to Silicon Valley ten years ago and what society can expect from AI in the future.

The Impact of AI on Business: A Scheller Faculty Panel, VideoAs founder and CEO of the Future Today Institute, Webb recounted how her company has worked with various industry leaders to help them understand and plan for implementing AI successfully. She discussed the disruptions one should expect in living and working with more advanced AI capabilities and how to create value in this new world.

Webb’s talk was preceded by a Scheller faculty panel discussion on AI and its future implications and impact on industry, the workforce, and society. Panelists included Katie Badura, assistant professor of Organizational Behavior; Eric Overby, Catherine and Edwin Wahlen Professor of IT Management; and Karthik Ramachandran, Dunn Family Professor of Operations Management. Deven Desai, Sue and John Staton Professor in Business Law, moderated the discussion. 

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Deven Desai
Sue and John Staton Professorship in Business Law
Eric Overby
Catherine and Edwin Wahlen Professor
Katie Badura
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Karthik Ramachandran
Dunn Family Professor

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