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A doctoral degree in finance qualifies you to pursue an academic career as a researcher and educator. An academic career provides not only tremendous intellectual freedom but makes it possible to work with bright people throughout your life. You can make a difference through the scholarly research you create, and the lives you shape through your teaching.

The starting salary for finance PhD graduates’ often ranges from $180K to $220K, depending on placement, which is largely determined by performance in the doctoral program. Moreover, the job market for finance PhDs has been strong, and in recent years more positions have been available than candidates pursuing jobs. It is not surprising that the position of a university professor is frequently ranked as one of the most desirable jobs in the world.

Getting a PhD in finance at Georgia Tech was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I love my career as a professor. The research and teaching are both challenging and rewarding. The faculty were excellent mentors and the program truly prepared me for a successful academic career.- Former PhD Student
Why in Finance?

A PhD in finance provides a solid foundation in the theoretical and empirical tools of modern finance, drawing heavily on the discipline of economics. Students build on this foundation and apply these tools to study frontier issues in asset pricing, corporate finance, financial institutions, international finance, and behavioral finance. We develop the cutting edge ideas that mutual fund managers, investment bankers, and CEOs use to make their firms more productive.

PhD Program Milestones

Why at Georgia Tech?

Our PhD program is strongly research-oriented and emphasizes the early involvement of our students in research projects with worldwide leading faculty. The finance group has a proven track record of teaching students the skills necessary to conduct original research. Our PhD students have gone on to publish a number of papers in leading finance journals. The PhD program will also help you sharpen your instruction skills as you teach during the final years of the program.

Given the small size of the program, the tutorial-mentor model is the primary educational approach employed. Thus, doctoral students experience significant attention and support by a diverse set of world-class faculty.

I have learned how to do research. The faculty are very approachable and are willing to share their knowledge and experience with students. I had a great opportunity to work with them and got two papers published before graduation! My experiences at Georgia Tech will help me to be a successful researcher. - Former PhD Student
How do I finance the program, and how do I apply?

If admitted to the program, we’ll pay you to go to school to get your degree! Your tuition will be waived and you will receive a monthly stipend. The application deadline is January 6th for admission the following fall semester (starting mid-August).

All relevant financial information, including the application package are available on this site.

Before you apply

Tuition and financing

Application process

More information on our Finance PhD program, including research areas and opportunities, student and applicant statistics, information about Georgia Tech, advantages of pursing a degree in Atlanta, etc., can be found in the Viewbook:

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