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Have you ever thought about getting a PhD? A doctoral degree in Accounting qualifies you to pursue an academic career as a researcher and educator. An academic career provides not only tremendous intellectual freedom, but makes it possible to work with bright people throughout your life. You really can make a difference through the scholarly research you create, and the lives you shape through your teaching.

The life style is great, and the pay is good! Frequently, PhD graduates’ 9-month starting salaries range from $150K to $200K, depending on placement, which is largely determined by performance in the doctoral program. Demand for well-trained accounting researchers and educators continues to be strong.

Why Accounting?

The traditional areas of accounting research are financial accounting (how investors react to firms’ reported financial numbers and accounting choices); managerial accounting (how firms create and use financial and non-financial information for internal decision making); auditing (how external auditors oversee the financial reporting process) and taxation (how firms’ accounting choices impact their tax situation). However, accounting research is multi-disciplinary and often examines issues that go beyond the numbers. For example, researchers at Tech. have experimentally examined how the use of vivid language by firms influences investor judgments drawing on research from psychology. Researchers have also examined how social media posts by employees can help predict future firm performance.

Why at Georgia Tech?

Georgia Tech's PhD program in Accounting is strongly research oriented, and emphasizes the early involvement of our students in research projects with our faculty. Given the small size of the program, doctoral students receive significant attention and support from the faculty members, several of whom hold editorial positions in the top journals in Accounting. The PhD. program in Georgia Tech. will prepare you to be a world-class research scholar ready to contribute to Accounting research at a top-tier business school. Atlanta is home to a strong research community in Accounting thanks to several schools located in the area. PhD. Students at Tech. will have both formal and informal opportunities to draw on the strength of this research community.

PhD Program Milestones

How do I finance the program, and how do I apply?

If admitted to the program, your tuition will be waived and you will receive a monthly stipend. The application deadline is January 6th for admission the following fall semester (starting mid-August).

All relevant financial information, including the application package are available on this site.


Tuition and financing

Application process