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The Georgia Tech Scheller Full-time MBA program enrolls once per year and begins in the fall. The MBA admission process has two main parts: a complete program application and an admission interview. Admission is a competitive process and we carefully review all facets of your application. The information you include in your application assists our admissions committee in evaluating your potential for success in graduate studies and as a business leader.

A complete Full-time MBA application includes the online application (including an application fee and two required essays), resume demonstrating post-graduate work experience, transcript from each college/university attended, two letters of recommendation, and official GMAT or GRE scores from within the past five years.

The Full-time MBA will be piloting a test optional admissions process for Fall 2021 enrollment.

Review the test optional FAQs

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Note: All applications will be reviewed for merit-based funding. The majority of funding will be awarded to those who apply in rounds one and two.

*International applicants are encouraged to apply by round two.

**Interviews are by invitation only. 

Academic Credentials

We welcome applicants with accredited 4-year bachelor's degrees from all academic backgrounds. While the MBA core courses move at a fast pace, they do not assume previous business coursework.

Transcripts from your undergraduate and any additional graduate enrollment must be provided. You may upload unofficial copies for initial review, but an official admission invitation will not be extended until official transcripts have been received and processed by Graduate Studies.

Work Experience and Resume

Students who have at least two to three years of post-graduate, full-time work experience before starting the Full-time MBA Program will have more success in the admission process, classroom, and internship and job placement. The average student enrolled in our Full-time MBA Program has approximately five years of post-graduate work experience.

Applicants will be required to submit an up-to-date resume. Your post-graduate work experience and other leadership or community experiences you choose to highlight will be considered in the application review process.


There are three required essays and one optional essay on the "MBA supplemental" tab of the application that will appear when you select our program.  

  • Why an MBA and why Georgia Tech? (Required)

    Describe how your experiences, both professional and personal, have led you to the decision to pursue an MBA at Georgia Tech. 2,000 character maximum (including spaces).
  • Short- and long-term career goals (Required)

    Discuss your short- and long-term career goals and how Georgia Tech is best suited to help you achieve your goals. 2,000 character maximum (including spaces).
  • Ten facts (Required)

    List 10 facts about yourself that will help your future classmates get to know you. 2,000 character maximum (including spaces).

  • Optional essay

    The admissions committee believes that the required essays address issues that help us learn about you and understand your candidacy for the MBA program; however, you may provide us with any additional information pertinent to your admission that has not been previously covered in the rest of the application. Feel free to discuss any unique aspects of your candidacy or any perceived weaknesses.  2,000 character maximum (including spaces).
GMAT or GRE Scores

Official GMAT or GRE scores are valid for five years and we accept your highest overall score. Refer to the chart above for specific deadlines to plan your test dates.

The Full-time MBA program will be piloting a test-optional MBA admissions process for Fall 2021 enrollment.

Review the test-optional FAQs for more information

Online testing opportunities are being offered for select countries in response to world-wide operational challenges with Covid-19 outbreak. To learn more visit the following pages:

GRE online testing information

GMAT online testing information

Use the following codes to submit scores directly to Georgia Tech: 

  • GMAT: Institute code for the Full-time MBA program is HWK-54-37
  • GRE: Institute code is 5248

We typically receive your official scores in about a week. Visit the official GMAT and GRE Websites for more information on scheduling and preparing for your exam.

Letters of Recommendation

On a page of the application, you will be asked for contact information for two recommenders. As soon as you submit your recommendation request, an email will be sent to each of your recommenders. The email will include instructions on how to complete the online letter of recommendation. To ensure receipt of the email, please inform each recommender prior to submitting the recommendation requests.

The Georgia Tech Scheller MBA program also accepts the Common Letter of Recommendation (LOR) posted on the GMAC website. When your recommenders receive the email asking for their recommendation, they can upload the Common LOR as part of the recommendation.

Application Fee

An application fee must be paid online with a credit card or e-check if you have a U.S. bank account. The application fee is $75 for U.S. applicants and $85 for international applicants.

Application fee waivers are available for U.S. military, Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT) Fellows, and Forté MBA Launch participants. Contact to request a waiver.

Admissions Interview

Admission interviews are by invitation only. If you are selected for an interview, an admissions representative will contact you to schedule.

Interviews give you a chance to discuss your potential contributions to the classroom and emphasize your interest in the MBA program. They also provide an opportunity for you to get a better feel for the MBA program and how it may help you achieve your goals. We listen to your career aspirations and have a very open dialogue with you about reaching your goals through our program.

Full-time MBA applicants may interview with both Admissions and Career Services staff member and a current MBA student. Interviews for Fall 2021 applicants will be virtual.

Admissions Decision
Submitting a complete application by one of the round deadlines guarantees that you will receive an admission decision via email by the decision date for that round (listed in the chart on this page).
International Applicant Requirements

Additional information about Full-time MBA requirements for international applicants can be found here.


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