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Class Profile: MBA Admission Statistics

Gain multiple viewpoints and start to think more strategically about the global economy through diversity in the classroom.

Georgia Tech believes diversity greatly enhances the classroom experience and prepares students to work more effectively in a global marketplace. As shown by the MBA admission statistics below, we hand pick applicants with a variety of backgrounds and skill sets to support our commitment to diversity as well as create an active, progressive learning environment. When the classroom resembles the true nature of international business teams, everyone benefits.

Admission Statistics

2016 Entering Class:
Class Size 80
Middle 80% GMAT Score Range 620-730
Middle 80% GRE Quantitative Score Range 158-168* (average 163)
Middle 80% GRE Verbal Score Range

156-166* (average 161)

Average Work Experience 5 years
Average Undergraduate GPA

Total Full-time Enrolled (MBA classes entering 2015 and 2016) 140

*GRE verbal and quantitative scores in the 80% range and at least one score above the average.