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Hire Our Students

Scheller College gives the business community graduates who are ready to invent new ideas and bring them to market to solve tomorrow's problems now, and to make products and processes more efficient and adaptable.

Being at the intersection of business and technology means we produce leaders who are uniquely qualified to impact an ever-evolving business climate on a global scale.

InterviewOur approach is exceptionally relevant to business today—and that produces results. It begins with the way we think —using an analytical approach to solve business problems. Technology also serves as a filter for our curriculum, so that our graduates excel at global corporations and small start-ups alike, in any industry or organization.

Many of our graduates are also immersed in a technical discipline. They get access to some of the preeminent academics in their field, backed up by an institution with a reputation for excellence in technology worldwide.

For those whose interests are not directly technical, our approach is valuable because technology is pervasive in business today. In addition to learning skills pertinent to their careers, students build leadership ability that helps them work effectively with engineers and other analytical professionals.

They naturally take charge, setting a vision and path for solving a problem

They appreciate the opinions of others and value the outcomes created through teamwork.

They don’t shy away from a challenge and are willing to roll up their sleeves to achieve a goal.

They are inquisitive by nature and thrive in the pursuit of discovery.

They are driven; they strive for personal and professional success, but not at the expense of others.

Their approach is detail-oriented and scientific, yet balanced with real-world perspective.

Good Communicators
They express themselves effectively, efficiently, and with a clear purpose.

They are genuine and approachable, without any sense of entitlement.