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Global Perspective

Commerce has no borders and is increasingly conducted on a global scale, enabled by technology in every functional area. In addition to understanding the role of technology, a global mindset is an essential part of today's preparation for any career.

International Study

The global mindset of the Tech community is evident in the many opportunties on campus and around the world for students:

  • A global footprint on campus– Nearly 20 percent of Georgia Tech’s 20,000 students are international, coming from more than 80 countries. Students and faculty from around the globe look at Georgia Tech as one of the most desirable universities in the world to develop their intellectual, entrepreneurial, and leadership abilities.
  • Impact around the globe –Through the use of distance learning and other technologies, Georgia Tech reaches universities, corporations, and homes on a world-wide scale. The establishment of global research and education hubs and select branch campuses enables students and faculty members to become research and education partners around the world.

  • Globally engaged students – Georgia Tech is committed to educating globally engaged students and ensuring that they understand science and technology in the context of different social, economic, and cultural domains. Currently 43 percent of Georgia Tech graduates have some form of international experience during their undergraduate career, while the U.S. national average is less than 10 percent.
  • Georgia Tech-Lorraine in Metz, France is an international campus offering year-round undergraduate, master's and PhD programs. This campus is in the heart of Europe in eastern France along the Luxembourg and German borders, and less than 90 minutes by train from Paris. Georgia Tech-Lorraine fosters the flow of new ideas, creates new opportunities, and nurtures the development of global leadership and innovative thinking in its students.

  • The Oxford Program is one of the most unique experiences that Georgia Tech offers to its students. The program is high intensity, consisting of one week of pre-departure classes in Atlanta followed by five weeks traveling around continental Europe. The program concludes with six weeks of studying in Oxford, England while living at Worcester College.

A Georgia Tech affiliation provides access to a vast alumni network of connections, locally, nationally and globally (an estimated 10,000 or more alumni are currently playing leading roles in business, academia, and government outside of the U.S. Mention Georgia Tech anywhere in the world and you are likely to experience instant acknowledgement.

A broad perspective of the global economy gives you an advantage over other business school graduates and paves the way for unmatched career growth in today's leading multinational companies.

An important aspect of studying global enterprise is to realize that all international opportunities and challenges have a unique, local flavor. Whether battling air or water pollution in China, forging energy solutions in India, or researching new trade approaches in Panama, on the ground presence is essential. There is no substitute for being physically present and in tune with local issues, mores, and ideas.

Tech undergraduate students are encouraged to participate in at least one study or work abroad program. These programs are offered in more than 28 countries in a variety of formats.

International Business at Scheller

Within the business curriculum, a variety of interdisciplinary courses will prepare you to lead in a global environment. You'll gain the ability to identify cross-cultural distinctions (and the ability to consider and manage these distinctions), learn to navigate across varying regulatory and legal regimes, while optimizing firm strategy. You will also grow your analytical skills to describe, explain, and integrate sudden international shifts into a strategic advantage in various settings. There are many ways to gain expertise in international business at Scheller:

  • A certificate in International Management is available to students to choose as an additional specialty within the BSBA, the Full-time and Evening MBA degree programs. The Executive MBA Program offers an MBA in Global Business.
  • The International Plan is a challenging academic program for undergraduates who want to develop global competency within the context of the business major. The International Plan infuses foreign language coursework, study/work abroad and internationally-focused classes into the undergraduate experience.

  • Most of the College's interdisciplinary programs arrange international trips to a variety of locations to learn about business and cultural practices. These include the Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship (ILE), the Denning Technology and Management Program, and the Technological Innovation: Generating Economic Results (TI:GER) program for graduate students. 
  • There are opportunities for MBA students to participate in international study, international practicums within specific courses that include travel to another country to complete a project, and work with international students and faculty on special in-class projects with an international component.

  • The international makeup of the Scheller faculty, staff and students creates a vibrant environment for exchange and learning whether it occurs within the College or at other locations around the globe.

Our international business curriculum is enhanced by the Georgia Tech Center for International Business Education and Research (GT CIBER), located in the Scheller College of Business. CIBER serves as a catalyst for the College to integrate and advance a number of diverse activities relating to international business education and research, language training, international student and faculty exchanges, and executive education for the business community.