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Social Impact Fellowship: From the Student Perspective

Find out what students really gain from our Social Impact Fellowship.

 By Sarah Naumann

So far, the ILSI has had 12 Social Impact Fellows who work with nonprofit and community organizations in Atlanta. ILSI connects the partner organizations with Georgia Tech students with a passion for social impact and facilitates supported internship opportunities. These semester-long projects vary depending on the needs of the organization.

We asked our recent students for insights about their fellowship and how it helped them gain experience in the social sector. Read below to hear from some of our students.

 “Having the opportunity to work with an organization like Ubuntu Community Catalyst (UCC) is a privilege because you are able to really see the organizational requirements and values behind local non-profits. UCC specifically takes an interest in identifying community needs and working with the community to address those needs to create sustainable practices which to me is one of the most crucial parts of non-profit work.” – Lucy Grant (Ubuntu Community Catalyst, Summer 2021)

 “I was thrilled at the opportunity to work for Plywood People, as I had never considered the intersection between start-ups and social good. This summer has opened up my eyes to the world of social entrepreneurship, and this organization is full of passionate and ambitious individuals that I’m grateful to work alongside.” – Aubrey DeAugustinis (Plywood People, Summer 2021)

"This past summer and throughout last semester, I worked for the Center for Civic Innovation as a Programs Intern where I primarily assisted in drafting an Atlanta-wide voters' guide and editing highlight reels of Candidate Conversations prior to the November local elections as a part of their VoteATL project. Through this fellowship, I have acquired the communication and flexibility skills required to succeed in the civic engagement sector." -- Nikhita Ragam (Center for Civic Innovation, SU & FA 2021)

"Serving Hands On Atlanta produced much growth in my skills, desired career path, and awareness of Atlanta's most pressing needs. Working with an organization centered on the mission 'Do Something Good' created a lasting impact on the way I approach assignments, internships, and life!" --Mary James Wright (Hands On ATL, Fall 2021)

For more information about how to get involved or apply for a fellowship visit our Social Impact Fellows Page.

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