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Institute for Leadership & Social Impact Team: 2021 Plywood Presents

Institute for Leadership & Social Impact Team.

Institute for Leadership & Social Impact Team.

“It’s an inspiring time to think about all the good that is possible”

One of ILSI’s favorite events to attend every summer is the Plywood Present conference in August. It is a meaningful way to kick off a new school year and a way to say thanks to our partners and amazing students by gathering everyone at a conference showcasing creative approaches to community building.

The motto of this year’s gathering  - organized by the amazing team at Plywood (including our very own ILSI Social Impact Fellow Aubrey DeSantis) was:

“Plywood Presents has always been rooted in purpose, about opening doors and connecting people because of those open doors. We have hundreds of clarifying stories from moments at this gathering. The world has changed and this can be a personal shift for good. Claim this moment to find your renewed self, challenge back to business, and contribute forward to a better world. Begin again.”

Over the course of the day, we had the opportunity to be inspired by and connect with servant leaders from Atlanta and beyond. Our team attended sessions on topics ranging from how to transform hardship into a  justice-centered enterprise, the value in seeing the sky beyond the clouds in the name of empowerment, and the types of people to say yes and no to on a creative team. Some of the speakers included Becca Stevens who is the founder of Thistle Farms, Liberty in North Korea’s Founder Hannah Song, and Leigh-Kathryn Bonner who is the founder of Bee Downtown.

In her session, Hannah Song said “hope has two daughters - anger at the way things are, and courage, to create something better”. The ILSI team is grateful for the opportunity to be safely in person and in community with others in the Impact Economy in these continuously unprecedented times as we seek to build momentum and a space where the Georgia Tech family will author positive and sustained societal change. 

The Institute for Leadership and Social Impact is an interdisciplinary institute that promotes servant leadership and organizational practices that contribute to a more just, caring, and equitable world. Learn more about our work!

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