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Scheller Salary Diaries: An MBA Gains $100,000 Salary Increase After Pivot to Management Consulting 

This time on Scheller Salary Diaries, a Full-time MBA alumna pivots out of the construction industry into a profitable career in consulting.
A yellow hard hat signifies the career switch of a Scheller Full-time MBA.

Salary Diaries sheds light on the sometimes taboo and often mysterious topic of MBAs and money, including how people pay for their advanced degree and their salary after graduation and beyond.   

This time, a Full-time MBA alumna leaves the construction industry for consulting and sees her salary jump over $100,000 upon graduation.

Program: Full-time MBA ‘23  
Current Age: 29  
Pronouns: She/her/hers  
Undergraduate Major: Environmental Engineering  
Pre-MBA Years of Work Experience: 5  
Pre-MBA Industry: Construction  
Pre-MBA Occupation: Associate Consultant  
Pre-MBA Salary: $90,000  
Salary Upon MBA Graduation: $192,000  
Current Industry: Consulting  
Current Occupation: Consultant  
Current Salary: $192,000  
Current City: Atlanta, GA  

Why an MBA?   

I wanted to pivot out of my industry.  

How did you finance your MBA?   

I had a full graduate research assistantship (GRA) and used my savings and student loans to pay for my MBA.  

What do you wish you knew about an MBA?   

I didn’t know how much of a squeeze giving up a full-time income would be. I also wish I knew how much to save to enjoy the MBA experience instead of working with estimates of tuition and rent.  

Is there anything you would have done differently when it comes to financing your MBA or optimizing your ROI?   

I would have taken an internship in Atlanta rather than out of state.  


Download: Full-time MBA Employment Report

Note: Content for this story comes from alumni data submitted to the Scheller Marketing and Communications team for the Salary Diaries series 

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