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Scheller Salary Diaries: An Evening MBA Goes From Paralegal to PM With $265,000 Salary 

This time on Scheller Salary Diaries, an Evening MBA alumna leaves law behind and makes a profitable switch to the technology industry.
Scheller Salary Diaries with a tilted scale representing the legal system.

Salary Diaries sheds light on the sometimes taboo and often mysterious topic of MBAs and money, including how people pay for their advanced degree and their salary after graduation and beyond.   

This time, an Evening MBA from the Class of '18 pivots away from her pre-MBA work as a paralegal and embraces the technology space as a senior project manager now making a $265,000 salary.   

Program: Evening MBA ‘18  
Current Age: 34  
Pronouns: She/her/hers  
Undergraduate Major: Pre-Law  
Pre-MBA Years of Work Experience: 5  
Pre-MBA Industry: Law  
Pre-MBA Occupation: Paralegal  
Pre-MBA Salary: $65,000  
Salary Upon MBA Graduation: $120,000  
Current Industry: Technology  
Current Occupation: Senior Project Manager  
Current Salary: $265,000  
Current City: Atlanta, GA  

Why an MBA?   

I wanted to career pivot.  

How did you finance your MBA?   

I used employer funding, scholarships, and student loans to finance my MBA.  

Is there anything you would have done differently when it comes to financing your MBA or optimizing your ROI?   

I would have networked early and often.  

Thoughts or advice about the ROI of an MBA:   

The Scheller ROI is incredible.  


Download: Evening MBA Career Impact Report 

Note: Content for this story comes from alumni data submitted to the Scheller Marketing and Communications team for the Salary Diaries series

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