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Scheller Goes Inside: An Up-Close Look at the College’s Connections with Tech Square Companies

The Scheller College of Business is situated in the heart of Tech Square, facilitating connections with companies who have, in large part, made their home here to collaborate with Georgia Tech faculty and students. The new “Scheller Goes Inside” series explores the value of these connections in the classroom and beyond.
A Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business student stands with Midtown Atlanta buildings in the background.

Midtown Atlanta’s Tech Square is home to the Scheller College of Business and Fortune 500 companies that are learning the value of proximity

Today, thoughtfully planned wide sidewalks, shaded by mature trees, lead west away from Georgia Tech’s main campus to the Scheller College of Business, the CODA building, and the campus bookstore. Here in Midtown Atlanta’s Technology Square, you’ll find a microcosm of real-life learning and collaboration. In just over two decades, a squalid part of town has transformed into a home for higher education, Fortune 500 companies, startups, research laboratories, and more. The bustling city blocks host the convergence of students, faculty, and industry innovators.  

"I was born and raised in Atlanta, and I am so excited to see the city becoming a hub for technology and innovation," said Lacey Shaffer, BSBA '22 and risk analyst at NCR Voyix. "As a business student, I wanted to use my degree to help facilitate these advances close to home." 

“Scheller Goes Inside,” a new feature on the Scheller website, showcases connections between the College and industry innovators by exploring some of Tech Square’s biggest companies and the ways Georgia Tech students, faculty, and staff build relationships on and off campus. There are opportunities for capstone course projects, practicums, conferences, internships, and full-time employment within walking distance of the Scheller College of Business.  

The Accenture Centergy One building located in Midtown Atlanta's Tech Square

Accenture’s Innovation Hub helps businesses, governments, and organizations optimize operations and accelerate growth.  

The Honeywell Building in Midtown Atlanta's Tech Square

Honeywell’s vast manufacturing arms include aerospace, commercial real estate, energy, healthcare, life sciences, logistics and warehouse, retail, and utilities. 

The NCR building located in Midtown Atlanta's Tech Square

NCR leads out in transforming, connecting, and running technology platforms for self-directed banking, stores, and restaurants. 


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