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The Accenture's Atlanta hub building in Tech Square

Scheller Goes Inside Accenture

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The Scheller x Accenture connection is born not only from proximity, but from a history of collaboration. It begins right here in Tech Square, where Scheller students attend Accenture-hosted events and networking sessions. Accenture in turn joins Scheller classrooms and thought leadership conferences to share the innovative ways they drive value for their clients, partners, and communities. 

The partnership between Scheller and Accenture ensures that talented undergraduate and MBA students are considered for analyst and strategy consultant roles based in Atlanta and beyond. Through the years, many Scheller alumni have taken their business and tech acumen and built rewarding careers at Accenture offices around the world.

Accenture at a Glance

The Scheller x Accenture Connection

By the Numbers

700 Feet
Between Scheller and Accenture's Atlanta Hub
42 Alumni
Work at Accenture
25 Grads
Hired by Accenture last year

See Inside Accenture's Atlanta Hub

The lobby of the Centergy One building on Midtown Atlanta’s 5th Street hums with activity. A Georgia Tech student discusses their research with a professor on the black lounge chairs just outside Georgia Tech’s Enterprise Innovation Institute doors. Employees from Accenture, The Home Depot, Southwire, Delta Air Lines, and TUFF stream in and out on their lunch breaks.  

Accenture’s Atlanta Innovation Hub made its home in Tech Square in 2004, gradually expanding their presence to the ninth, tenth, and eleventh floors. When guests exit the elevator onto the main lobby’s eleventh floor, their eyes are drawn upward to a pair of train tracks that lead from the elevator doors through the glass doorway and on, curving out of sight past the welcome desk. It is part-art installation, part-regional allegory. Jimmy Etheredge, CEO of North America, Accenture and Georgia Tech alumnus, wanted the tracks to speak to Atlanta’s longstanding history as a hub – first of travel and trade, and now, of technology and innovation. 

Today, Accenture’s Atlanta hub exudes cool and creative. At one point, they jackhammered through cement floor to add an open staircase connecting the tenth to the eleventh floor. Large windows open onto incredible views of Tech Square and Midtown, and through the east wing, the rounded hulk of Mercedes Benz stadium can be seen.  

It’s a place where big ideas are shaped, fostered, and set to flight. There is certainly plenty of space for innovation and collaboration. With comfortable, modular seating, giant Microsoft Surface Hub 2S, and soundproof booths, employees have space and resources to innovatively pair technology with human ingenuity.  

The People of Scheller x Accenture

Carlos Arango

Executive MBA '21
Management Consultant, Accenture

“The close association between Scheller and Accenture played a significant role in facilitating my employment prospects in multiple ways. The proximity of Scheller to Accenture provides a convenient opportunity for students and professionals to engage in networking activities with Accenture personnel during various on-campus events, workshops, and career fairs. Furthermore, during my tenure at Scheller, I had the privilege of being surrounded by a talented cohort of colleagues who provided invaluable assistance in my pursuit of a career in consulting, ultimately leading me to secure a position at Accenture.  

As students, we were afforded the chance to acquire hands-on experience while demonstrating our competencies to individuals who could serve as valuable contacts and advocates for us in the event of a job opening. Scheller's affiliation with Accenture can potentially facilitate students' access to job openings and internships, and potentially grant them exclusive opportunities that are not available to other academic institutions due to the close partnership.” 

Carlos Arango, Executive MBA '21

Tiffany Yunyeh Cho

Full-time MBA ‘22 
Senior Strategy Consultant, Accenture 

“I love that there is an impressive population of Scheller graduates currently at the Accenture Atlanta office. There is a big community between the Georgia Tech graduates, and it is especially great to have this support for networking. Now being involved in Georgia Tech recruiting, it is encouraging to see the undergraduates and MBA students' interest in Accenture. The close location to Scheller allows for ongoing, dynamic interactions with Accenture.” 

Tiffany Yunyeh Cho, Full-time MBA '22

Paige Cruver

Evening MBA '21
Strategy Consultant, Accenture

"I joined Accenture after completing the Evening MBA program at Scheller. The Jones MBA Career Center at Scheller has a great relationship with the Accenture recruiting team, and there were many opportunities to connect virtually and in-person. Consulting is the business of relationships and being in such proximity to Georgia Tech and other businesses in a bustling city center made for an exciting transition into my role and continues to provide opportunities for professional development and community engagement."

Tiffany Yunyeh Cho, Full-time MBA '22

Robert Lax

Retired Managing Director, Accenture
Scheller Adjunct Lecturer, 
Co-instructor for Sustainable Business Practicum in the Ray C. Anderson Center for Sustainable Business

“There are really two reasons for the close relationship between Scheller and Accenture, going back nearly two decades ago when they both came to Tech Square. First, there are a lot of Georgia Tech alumni at Accenture, some at very senior levels. In fact, only a few years ago, there were more Georgia Tech alumni on Accenture’s Global Management Committee than any other university, and our Global CEO was a Scheller grad. Those alumni have a natural desire to give back and stay involved at Tech.  

Second, Scheller is a national leader in many business-related research fields important to Accenture, and Accenture desires to capitalize on that ‘game changing’ innovation with its clients."

Tiffany Yunyeh Cho, Full-time MBA '22

Caitlyn Nazareth

BSBA ‘23 
Strategy Analyst, Accenture

“I first found out about Accenture when I met Jimmy Etheredge, CEO of Accenture North America and Georgia Tech alumnus, at a Georgia Tech football game where he was a guest in the president's suite. He was kind enough to chat with me about the work that Accenture does and what differentiates them from other employers. My Scheller network came in handy as I followed the conversation up with an application. Several recent alumni guided me throughout the process as I tried to decide whether it might be the right fit.”

Caitlyn Nazareth, BSBA '23

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