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The Intersection Podcast: The Ins and Outs of the MBA Summer Internship

Intersection Podcast host Leo Haigh discusses MBA internships and recruiting with second-year students Georgia Pearce and Brando Angel

Intersection Podcast host Leo Haigh discusses MBA internships and recruiting with second-year students Georgia Pearce and Brando Angel

The Full-time MBA program experience at the Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business is not just limited to what happens on campus. Each summer, our MBAs embark on paid internships with leading companies across the nation between their first and second years in the program.

MBAs work with their career advisers in the Jones MBA Career Center (ranked No. 2 in the world!) to identify opportunities that will enrich what they have learned in the classroom and propel their careers as they return to full-time work upon graduation.

While some MBAs attend Scheller to accelerate their existing path and gain further leadership skills, many of our students use what they learn in the program to pivot into new careers. It’s here where the Jones MBA Career Center comes into its own. Our Career Center helps students build relationships with their target employers and prepare for interviews through dedicated one-on-one training.

And while Scheller attracts some of the most sought-after companies, who come to campus specifically to recruit our MBAs, the Georgia Tech alumni network is also renowned for supporting current students looking to further their careers through off-campus recruiting. Brando Angel, a current second-year MBA who interned with the investment banking team at Truist Bank in New York City this summer, has noted how it was Georgia Tech alumni who provided the springboard that enabled him to land his role.

As Brando said, “My investment banking networking definitely started with Georgia Tech alumni. And from there, they were able to connect me so I was able to expand my network as I went and spoke to different banks. Ultimately the person I ended up being introduced to at one investment bank proved to be the reason why I had success in recruiting for my career transition.”

Georgia Pearce pursued a management consulting internship at Boston Consulting Group in Atlanta this summer. Like Brando, she was thrown into the deep end in her internship by working on live client projects with the full-time teams.

Reflecting on her learning experience, she said, “We had a full week of orientation at BGC. This covered everything from how to make a presentation look good to Excel analysis to how we should approach solving problems in general. After this, the client work I was doing was pretty immediate. In one of my first days at BCG, I was already doing work that would eventually be presented to the client. That exposure really set me up for success for taking my consulting career moving forward.

The summer internship offers an invaluable experience as our MBAs weigh what they would like to pursue for their future careers. And both Brando and Georgia are keen to offer their advice to future Scheller MBAs who are looking to learn more about an industry or career transition.

Hear more about their experience in an episode of the Intersection Podcast:

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