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The Intersection Podcast: Georgia Tech Scheller Executive MBA, Is it Right For You?

Kat Macchio, Trent Thurman, Leo Haigh sitting around podcast table.

MBA student host Leo Haigh speaks with Associate Dean of the Executive MBA program Trent Thurman and Executive MBA student Kat Macchio

In this episode of the Intersection Podcast, host and current MBA student Leo Haigh sits down with Trent Thurman, Associate Dean of the Executive MBA program, and Kat Macchio, Executive MBA student and IBM leader, to talk all things Executive MBA.

The Scheller Executive MBA is a weekend program for experienced professionals who want to catalyze their career advancement. In this conversation, Trent and Kat break down the key components of the program, the highlights of the student experience, and why the program benefits so many business leaders year after year.

Tune in to learn more about the Executive MBA program.

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