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”Community is Everything”: Meet Cara-Joy Wong, Evening MBA ‘22

To celebrate Commencement, we interviewed a few outstanding graduating Evening MBA students to learn more about their journey at Scheller. Meet Cara-Joy Wong.
Cara-Joy Wong, an Evening MBA student

Cara-Joy Wong, Evening MBA ‘22

Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business students come to learn, explore, and build community. As they move forward in their careers, they take everything they’ve learned and use it to power innovation in industries and businesses across the globe. Before graduating, we sat down with a few students to find out what they’ve learned and what advice they want to give to other students. 
Meet Cara-Joy Wong, who is graduating from the Evening MBA program with a concentration in Leadership and Collaboration. 

Where are you from?  

Atlanta, Georgia 

What will you be doing to celebrate your graduation?  

Sleep! 😊 And celebrating with family and friends, including fellow classmates from the Spring 2020 cohort! 

Who most influenced your decision to pursue business in college? 

I had a lot of support from my supervisor and colleagues to pursue the entire degree, instead of settling for individual certifications or trainings. I am so grateful to have had support throughout my entire three-year program! 

What was your favorite business course and why?  

“Work, Equity, and Wellness” with Dr. Tiffany Johnson was one of the most gratifying courses in the entire program. We reflected on the historical and present-day intersections of work, racial equity, and wellness—what makes us who we are inside and outside of the workplace, and how we can re-imagine this culture and dialogue in our personal lives and organizations. 

What advice would you give to a first-year MBA student?  

It can be overwhelming re-learning to be in the classroom and balancing school with work and life demands, but don’t forget about what an amazing community you have in Scheller – everyone is sharing in the struggle, and that community is what will help propel you through the program. 

What activities were you involved with on or off campus, and did your business education impact those activities in any way?  

Within the program, I was involved with MBA Ambassadors and the Philanthropy Club. I always appreciated the events that GEMS would put on for us, as well. Those activities were extremely enjoyable because it gave us more opportunities to connect with one another, both personally and professionally. A lot of events also allowed us to connect with the Full-time and Executive MBA programs, which was always very fun and special. 

Where will you be working after graduation?  

I will be continuing my position as a program and portfolio manager in the Office of Education and Learning at Georgia Tech. 

What are the top two items on your professional bucket list?  

  1. To one day be a chief officer for people and culture to truly invest in the engagement, retention, and belonging of employees.  
  2. To teach organizations about rest and wellness culture. We have so many generations of grind culture to undo. 

What was a moment when you had to practice persistence and/or resilience while in the MBA program?  

I feel like the program overall is a practice of persistence and resilience, but in a good way. I would not have gotten through the program if it were not for the Evening MBA community. But having experienced the program is also a testament to our determination, drive, and character, and is so reassuring going into this next phase of our careers. 

What is the biggest lesson you gained from your Scheller MBA?  

Community is everything! No matter the circumstance, I will never doubt if I am on my own or the only one going through something. We are all more connected than we think, as long as you can muster the courage to reach out and make that connection. 

What is a fun fact about yourself?  

With this degree, I am proud to become a Double Jacket having been on campus for over 13 years now between my educational and professional journeys at Georgia Tech! 

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