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Georgia Tech Scheller Introduces “The Art of Negotiation in a Face-to-Face and Virtual World” Executive Education Course

The Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business offers a new course in “The Art of Negotiation in a Face-to-Face and Virtual World” starting in May.

Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business Executive Education is excited to announce a new “The Art of Negotiation in a Face-to-Face and Virtual World” course beginning in May 2021. Professionals will gain the tools needed to motivate others, build positive and sustainable relationships, and address internal and external challenges and opportunities.

“Negotiation is really one of the most important things you do in business,” according to faculty instructor Mario Moussa. “In a lot of ways, it’s the way business gets done.” Moussa notes that while negotiation styles differ from culture to culture, there are basic similarities. “A good negotiator knows who they are, they understand themselves and their motivations, and they know their goals,” he explains.

Moussa has been teaching and consulting on negotiations for over 25 years and his teaching style features an interactive and story-driven approach. Throughout the course, participants have the opportunity to negotiate and receive feedback in a collaborative environment. At the end of the experience, participants walk with away with a specific set of skills and a negotiations playbook that’s flexible and practical.

The course meets virtually on May 4, 6, 11, 13, and 18. Participants receive a Georgia Tech Certificate of Completion and Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Registration is now open.

Learn more by listening to an Intersection podcast interview with Moussa as he discusses his background and the fundamentals of negotiation.  

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