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Lael Whiteside, Executive MBA Recruiting Manager, answers's Five Questions.

Lael Whiteside, Executive MBA Recruiting Manager, answers's Five Questions.

In the latest installment of the MetroMBA “5 Questions” series, Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business’ Lael Whiteside, Executive MBA Recruiting Manager, talks about the advantages of the Executive MBA and the ‘typical student profile’ among other hot topics.

How does this program differentiate from other offerings at your school and other programs in the EMBA space? 
Since it was founded in 1885, Georgia Tech has been at the forefront of technology and innovation.  The Executive MBA program at Scheller College of Business is no exception, bringing together top business leaders with innovative ideas and technological advancements.  Our students learn to solve complex problems, gain helpful analytical skills, and take on leadership roles to foster team dynamics.  All of the skills developed in the classroom over the weekend can be applied when you set foot back at work on Monday.

What is the typical profile of a student who would benefit most from this program and what characteristics are your admissions team looking for?
A common myth among applicants is that you have the be an “executive” to apply to an executive MBA program.  Most students in the EMBA program average 10 to 15 years of work experience and bring a wealth of knowledge from a variety of industries and functional areas into the classroom. Those who benefit most from this program are looking for innovative ways to approach their careers and find new ways to challenge the status quo. As far as characteristics, the admissions team places value in a prospective student’s leadership abilities, willingness to tackle complex problems and/or challenges, desire to progress in their career and in their academics, and in their initial goal or purpose in pursuing an MBA, as well as their ability to work well in a team environment.

How does your school assist with career services and how does your program enhance a student’s profile as a job applicant?
The mission of Executive MBA Career Services is to ensure that prospective students are provided with the coaching, the resources, and the tools to support them in proactively managing their career. Whether they plan to progress within their current organization, change your direction, or consider an entrepreneurial route, the career management skills we share are instrumental in enhancing their marketability.

 What is one insider tip you can provide prospective applicants about applying to the Georgia Tech Executive MBA?
I would say that a prospective applicant should make use of the optional consultations offered by the program to help them determine if an MBA makes sense for their career and what they are trying to accomplish. They should also make sure they understand the Executive MBA format and curriculum before submitting their online application.

If you had to choose one book for a potential GT Scheller EMBA to read before enrolling, what would it be?
“Start with Why” by Simon Sinek.  Challenging the way you view a problem is the main focus of Sinek’s book, and that’s exactly what earning an MBA will do for you as well.  Sinek compares leaders and organizations that have disrupted industry by asking one question: Why?  Earning your MBA will challenge you to view problems from a new point of view and find innovative solutions to tackling today’s business challenges. 

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