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Marco Ceccagnoli, Professor of Strategy and Innovation Promoted to Brady Family in Management Professorship

Dr. Marco Ceccagnoli

Dr. Marco Ceccagnoli

Marco Ceccagnoli, professor of Strategy & Innovation and area coordinator of Strategy and Innovation has been appointed to the Brady Family in Management Professorship. Marco joined Scheller College in 2005.

An important common theme in his research is to help understand the role of appropriability (strategies to appropriate the profits from innovation through patenting, licensing, etc.) in affecting incentives to invest in innovation and firm performance.  His work has received international awards, such as the William W. Cooper Doctoral Dissertation Award in Management Science, the Best Doctoral Dissertation Award (runner-up) of the Academy of Management (TIM Division), and the best paper award for the Cooperative Strategy Interest Group, Strategic Management Society (SMS), among others.

Marco has taught courses on innovation, technology strategy, and strategic management at all levels, including PhD, executive education, and the TI:GER (Technology Innovation: Generating Economic Results) program.  He has also made extraordinary contributions to his profession through extensive editorial/reviewing activity for top-tier management journals; by organizing leading conferences in the strategy field (“CCC” doctoral consortium, ACAC, and REER) and mentoring PhD and junior faculty at Georgia Tech. Learn more about Dr. Ceccagnoli in his full biography.

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