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Georgia Tech Scheller Introduces Online Lean Six Sigma Certification Programs

The Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business will begin offering online Lean Six Sigma certification programs beginning in Spring 2021. Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belt certifications are designed for individuals and organizations interested in streamlining operations, decreasing waste, and increasing employee engagement.

Georgia Tech Scheller faculty instructor Bob Myers brings over 20 years of industry and classroom experience to the programs. He plans to conduct classes for both certifications following what he calls the ‘Learn-See-Do’ method. “The beauty is that it supports multiple learning styles and really helps students understand concepts. It starts with a traditional presentation of material (Learn), then an example problem or business case that shows a real company (See). This is followed up with a hands-on activity using the tools just presented and shown through a case (Do),” Myers explains.

The programs will be offered virtually with a mix of live video time and individual and group exercises. “This is not a program full of pre-recorded material. We cover all the standard concepts found in Lean Six Sigma programs, plus concepts not found in other external programs. For example, we show how to leverage the theory of constraints in conjunction with Lean Six Sigma to maximize ROI. And since it’s a Georgia Tech program, you know we are going to give you the math,” Myers elaborates.

Adopting Lean Six Sigma techniques can increase profits and the quality of products or services, and leaders aren’t the only ones who can apply the methodology. “People who are dissatisfied with the current state of their company but want to see it succeed need the tools to make effective and positive change. This means that a person can be a front-line employee or even a C-suite individual,” he said.

The new online programs kick off in February 2021, with class days broken up between coursework in the morning and project work in the afternoon. Since the programs are virtual, participants do not need to be in Atlanta to participate and can receive one-on-one coaching as well as group interactions without being on campus.

Registration is now open. Visit Scheller Lean Six Sigma Certification to learn more.

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