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Georgia Tech Scheller College Alumni Jacquie Smyth (MBA ’18) Takes a Green Path to Learning about Corporate Sustainability

Jacqueline Smyth MBA '18

Jacqueline Smyth MBA '18

Jacquie Smyth, (MBA ’18) details her metamorphosis from a home recycler to a Scheller College Evening MBA student to becoming a City of Atlanta Sustainability Ambassador in the Office of Resilience’s Sustainability Ambassador program.

Her journey in sustainability began with Scheller College’s practicum Innovating for Sustainability, an immersive MBA track that leverages the world-class resources of Scheller’s Ray C. Anderson Center for Sustainable Business. “I recognized the potential impact a company could have by adopting sustainable practices, and I immediately wanted to be a part of it,” Smyth reports.

During the MBA practicum, Smyth learned how to integrate business principles, science, and technology to build sustainable and prosperous futures for both for-profit and non-profit organizations.

Choosing from the practicum’s courses in technology, supply chain, nonprofits, public policy, power systems, and civil engineering, Smyth worked on real-world projects in sustainability with partner companies during her MBA program.

Smyth learned the importance of public-private partnerships and working with individuals living in Atlanta communities through her MBA Capstone projects, as well. “As I observed collaboration between corporations, municipal government, and individuals, it seemed to me as if each organization was contributing a different piece to the same puzzle, and we had to work in tandem to see how they all fit together. It was then that I discovered that I wanted to be a key player in helping to put those pieces in the right place.”

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