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Lecturer Jacqueline Garner Featured as Transcendent Teacher

Jacqueline Garner, Lecturer in Finance

Jacqueline Garner, Lecturer in Finance

Scheller College faculty are often described as innovative and accessible, and now one instructor has been named “transcendent.” Jacqueline Garner, lecturer in finance, was recently recognized among her Institute peers in Georgia Tech Alumni Association (GTAA) magazine as Scheller College’s Transcendent Teacher.

Though only joining Scheller College two years ago, Jacqueline has quickly made her mark. Known for her warm personality and passion for innovation, Jacqueline inspires undergraduate business students with her unique approach to finance. Her recent courses have explored calculating the value of a company using football and finance, also featured in GTAA’s summer issue (pages 70-71).

According to finance student Matt Hill, Garner makes learning enjoyable by getting to know students on a personal level. “I spent time with her after almost every class, chatting with her about everything,” Hill says. “She’d tell funny stories about growing up in Alabama. For me, that led to a great student-teacher relationship that only helped me learn more.”

To read Jacqueline’s full profile, please visit the GTAA website.

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