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International Residency Policy

International Residency Policy

The International Residency is a valuable degree requirement for the Executive MBA program. As a degree requirement, attendance is mandatory for the entire duration of the residency. This is a 4-credit hour course and students who are unable to attend their cohorts’ international residency will not be eligible for graduation until they have completed this requirement.

If a petition to waive is approved, the student will: (1) receive an alternate course semester independent project of equal rigor by the course instructor, and (2) be required to attend the one-week international trip abroad in September.

Unapproved absence from the international residency results in a failing grade and the student being responsible for all expenses associated with fulfilling this graduation requirement in the future. Expenses include, but are not limited to: tuition for re-enrolling in the class, all flights and on-ground transportation, hotels, meals, and other trip costs.

Waiver Requirements

To apply for a waiver, submit a one-page written request (300 words) that describes your circumstances for not being able to attend the international trip. The deadline to submit a waiver request is January 2nd. Waivers are approved only in extreme circumstances (medical emergencies, special military circumstances, unable to secure visa, etc.).

Please include the following, along with your one-page written request:

    • For medical waiver, please include medical recommendation by your physician.
    • For military waiver, please include letter from an authorized military leader stating for security reasons you are unable to travel to said destination.
    • For Visa restrictions waiver, you should submit reasonable proof that you are unable to secure a visa.
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