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Li, Huisi Jessica

Huisi Jessica Li

Assistant Professor
Huisi Jessica Li profile photo

Academic Area(s):
Status and power
Diverse teams
Employee turnover
PhD, Management & Organizations, Cornell University
MS, Human Resource, Cornell University
MA, Education, Stanford University
BS, Applied Psychology, Jilin University

I conduct research on how to effectively manage and lead the increasingly diverse and dynamic labor force. The two primary areas of my interests are (a) power and status dynamics in teams and (b) employee turnover. I have conducted research in collaboration with a variety of organizations including the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, Darden, etc.

My research aims to shed light on how to manage participation and status dynamics in multinational teams. Specifically, one of my studies examines how language proficiency, an understudied construct, adds a unique layer to team dynamics above and beyond the commonly studied dimensions of cultural and demographic diversity (Li, Yuan, Bazarova, & Bell, 2018). Our paper has received the 2015 Best Student Paper Award and 2015 Student Transnational Research Award from the Academy of Management. In a related paper, my collaborators and I studied how people from different national and organizational cultures view, gain, maintain, and utilize status (Li, Chen, & Blader, 2016).

For my research on employee turnover, I study how and why unit-level changes, for example, leader departures, lead to unit instability or collective turnover (Li, Hausknecht, & Dragoni, 2020). Our paper has received the 2018 Best Micro Paper Award from the International Association for Chinese Management Research.

I taught Negotiations at the Master's level at Cornell University. I am currently teaching undergraduate Organizational Behavior at Scheller.