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Changing Your Major to Business Administration

Choosing the correct major is an important decision and will play a critical role in your success here at Georgia Tech and when you enter the job market. Our change of major process is designed to verify student eligibility and help students successfully transition into the College of Business. Please read through this entire page for important information and instructions.

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Eligibility to Change Major to Business Administration  
  • First-Year Students must wait until after the Withdraw deadline date in their first semester to change their major. 
  • Students under 60 credits: there is no GPA requirement for students with fewer than 60 credits
  • Students with 60 or more credits: students need to have at least a 2.3 cumulative GPA to change their major to Business Administration

The College of Business does not accept students who are currently on academic contracts with another department at Georgia Tech. Departmental contracts must be successfully completed prior to being eligible to change major to Business Administration.

How To Change Your Major to BSBA or Add BSBA as a Secondary Major

The Scheller College of Business is a top business school that is nationally recognized for preparing students for the economy of the future. Since we are a business college at an engineering school, our services, processes, and curriculum may be quite different than what you have experienced at Tech. In order for you to be fully prepared to enter the Scheller College of Business, all students are required to complete the following steps.

  1. Listen to our change of major information podcast. Please make sure you have your speakers on.

  2. Complete the Scheller Change of Major Podcast Information Review. This is password protected and you must listen to the podcast to access the password. 

    Complete the Podcast Information Review

  3. If you would like to continue in the process after completing the Podcast Information Review, a Scheller advisor will send you an email containing further instructions and links. Typically, you can expect this within 2 weeks after completing the Podcast Information Review, but it may be longer during busier periods of the year (Registration, Final Exams, FASETs, etc...).

  4. Register for and attend the mandatory Business Administration Preparation meeting. Upcoming dates and the link to register for the meeting will also be in the informational email.  
BSBA Preparation Meeting Dates

Meetings take place monthly.  Upcoming meeting dates and times will be included in the information sent to students who complete the podcast and information review steps.  

Course Registration
  • The Undergraduate Program Office will not accept Change of Major Forms from students who have not yet completed the change of major process and attended the BSBA Preparation Meeting. Please make sure you complete the change of major process before the start of Phase I Registration to avoid our major restrictions.
  • Courses that are good for students who plan on changing their major: MGT 2106, ACCT 2101, ECON 2106, ECON 2105, MGT 2250, and MGT 2210.
Change of Major Policies and Expectations
  • Every student must attend one BSBA Preparation meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to orient you to our major requirements, the internship and leadership expectations, as well as the resources in the College of Business.
  • You are not obligated to change your major if you attend this meeting.
  • Meetings start on time, and students will not be admitted to a meeting after it has started.
  • After the meeting, complete the online Change of Major form and send it to your current major advisor and the business advisor assigned to you based on your last name. The online form can be found on the registrars' webpage.
  • Students are not able to meet with the business advisors until they have completed the required steps and attended a change of major meeting.
  • If you have additional questions or need further assistance with the change of major process, please contact Marcus Reese at  in the Undergraduate Program Office. 
Academic Advisors
Academic Advisor Last Names A - D
Academic Advisor Last Name L - R

Beatriz Rodriguez

Jessica Sherrington

Academic Advisor Last Names E - K Academic Advisor Last Name S - Z

Jewel Perkins

Lindsay Staar