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Scholarships for Freshmen

The Scheller College of Business Dean's Scholarship is for high school students applying to enter the Georgia Tech summer or fall first-year class as Business Administration students.  

The Dean's Scholarship recognizes outstanding high school students for their academic performance, leadership, involvement and potential for success at Georgia Tech and within our top-ranked undergraduate business program. The scholarships are in addition to the Hope and Zell Miller Scholarship in-state students receive.

Dean's Scholarship

Dean’s Scholarship recipients will start their Business Administration classes in the freshman year and are expected to engage fully in the undergraduate Business Administration community through participation in our business clubs and events. We expect that Dean’s Scholarship recipients will one day serve as the leaders of the Scheller College of Business, serving in executive board positions within our student organizations and as mentors for new Business Administration students. Dean’s Scholarship recipients will also have the opportunity to meet the generous alumni and friends of the Scheller College of Business whose generosity supported the creation of the scholarship programs.

  • Approximately 10 Dean's Scholarships will be distributed to Business Administration freshmen
  • Four year scholarship, up to $40,000 for undergraduate career

How to Apply

  • The Office of Financial Aid at Georgia Tech lists scholarships available to all Georgia Tech freshman, regardless of major.  This office also has information about cost of attendance, the HOPE scholarship for Georgia residents, and student loans.